The Journey from Uncertainty to Career Clarity – A Law Graduate’s Story

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Benjamin Hammersley – LLB Law with Politics (2016)

Ben is a barrister at Crown Chambers. He graduated from Manchester with LLB Law with Politics in 2016. Here, he talks about what led him to choose this career following his studies at Manchester.

My current role and how I got there

I am currently a 2nd six pupil barrister at Crown Chambers in Hull with a practice that consists of criminal and family law.

I never knew that I would end up working in the law sector when I started my degree. No one else in my family works in the legal profession and so I’d had no real exposure to it prior to starting my course. My experience whilst studying, particularly getting involved in the Bar Society was instrumental in guiding me towards this career.

How did your course set you up for your career path?

It was because of my course that I realised this was the path I wanted to take, and the varied experience that I had whilst I was on the course informed my decisions and helped me to figure out what sort of lawyer I wanted to be.

My experience at Manchester

Originally, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in terms of a career after university, but I thought that the course looked interesting, and I knew it would be the sort of course that would help me to keep my options open.

 What was most surprising was that my degree was actually just one small part of what I got from the course. The people I met and the experiences I had outside of the academic study have had more of an impact on me both as a person and in terms of my career development than I ever imagined.

My advice for future students

Take every opportunity you can and make the most of them.