Exploring Food and Drinks Culture in Manchester

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Geography and Global Development, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Do you ever get a savoury craving? Or simply have a sweet tooth? In Manchester, you have loads of culinary options to explore, ranging from chains to independent restaurants, and other culturally specific places you will love! Here are my go-to places when I want to have a nice dinner, grab a cool drink or have fun with friends.

Pizza at Rudy’s or Franco Manca

If you want to have a delicious pizza in a relaxed setting to make you think of a dreamy vacation in Italy, both Rudy’s and Franco Manca are fantastic places to try. They have a great selection of traditional Neapolitan pizzas that you can choose from, and they are served with flavoured olive oil or dips that are simply finger licking good (garlic is my favourite)! Plus, if you are a student, you may be eligible for occasional discounts or bundles on Unidays. An example is the £9.95 Pizza & Soft Drink offer available now. Don’t miss out – Buon appetito!



Another Heart to Feed

This is a cafe and brunch place in Northern Quarter, and I came across it totally accidentally: no regrets! The aesthetic of this place is so sleek and modern, and the staff really make it a comfy experience. I tried a matcha latte there and it really went to my heart. And this is just one out of many cafes in the Northern Quarter that serve great coffee and great vibes! From here you can walk in any direction, and you will be surprised by the variety of choices that come up. I would advise to take a note of them or star them on Google Maps! You never know when you may have to show off to your friends about this new place you have found in Manchester!

The Campus Cafes

The Student Union café is campus-based. Come here for the best student prices and chill on the sofas in the union. This cafe has loads of food and drink options. I was surprised to see they serve spiced chai lattes, which is my guilty pleasure always. Pro tip: bring your own cup for a 20p discount. Sustainable, good, and fairly cheap. What else could you ask for? Also, 2 minutes away in Brunswick Park you have Benugo Cafe, which is also a student-friendly place worth visiting. They have very good mochas and tons of pastries to sustain a 2hr catch-up with your best friend (and the same cup policy applies)!

Me enjoying a dinner

Me enjoying dinner

The Curry Mile

The Curry Mile is a must for the best cultural experience and pocket-friendly budgets. Slemani Restaurant has great shawarmas and fatayer that will bring you closer to Middle Eastern cuisine. MyLahore serves amazing curries with great professionalism, and it is where I discovered paneer, for those of you interested in meat-free options. Finish the day off with a bubble tea from CUPP or something sweet from Heavenly Desserts, and head to Whitworth Park to enjoy your treat in the sun. And if the weather is not nice, still repeat all the above.

What are your food and drink recommendations in Manchester? Leave a comment below, I am curious to know!

Written by Andrei, current BA Geography student at The University of Manchester