Typical day of MSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management student

by | Apr 28, 2023 | AMBS, Postgraduate | 0 comments

During the time I have been studying the MSc in Operations, Projects and Supply Chain Management, I can say that every day is different. Not only because of various topics we deal with, but also because of the activities before, during and after each class. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss what a typical day looks like studying at The University of Manchester.

My day usually starts the day before. It sounds hard to believe, but it does. This is because in each course, we normally have an hour dedicated to analysing and discussing business cases, so we have to go prepared and have studied and understood the corresponding case. Otherwise, we will not take full advantage of the objective of these sessions.

We usually start the lessons with the topic of the week, but it is not always delivered through slides. For example, in a class where objective was to learn about the LEAN methodology applied in industry, we did a team competition. This consisted of designing a production line and assembling parts to set up the largest number of plugs, reducing operating costs as much as possible. My team ended as the runner-up on that day.

Occasionally, we also have visits from people who have been working in industries associated with the programme. They tell us about their experiences and how they overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. This is very enriching for us, as it complements our theoretical knowledge.

Once the sessions are over, the challenging part begins. Beyond the group or individual work, there are also various extracurricular activities in which I dedicate part of my time. These include competitions (I participate in a competition for the company BP with my classmates); sports such as swimming or quidditch; social activities taking place in the International Society and finally, exercising my role as a Student Ambassador. My role as a Student Ambassador I enjoy the most as it allows me to share my personal experience with future students through various means, such as this blog.

In short, I dare say that every day at The University of Manchester is totally different. The diversified student experience allows me to enjoy my journey here to the fullest.

Written by Cristian, current MSc Operations, Project and Supply Management student