Accommodation at the University of Manchester

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Now you have your offer it is time to choose the accommodation you want to live in. Embarking on university life is thrilling and nerve–racking with many decisions to be made. One of these is where and how you want to live. You can apply for up to five accommodations, in no particular order, with most students getting offered one of them. All the accommodations for the university are in either Fallowfield, Victoria Park or the city centre.

You may prefer to live in Fallowfield if you are a sociable student with the 256 Club and Squirrels student bar popular spaces to spend time. Fallowfield is around a 40-minute walk to campus or a 15-minute bus ride. Unlike Victoria Park and the City accommodation, in Fallowfield, all the accommodations are much closer together. The Armitage Sports Centre, which includes a fitness suite and outdoor sports pitches, is in the heart of Fallowfield. Within Fallowfield, Unsworth Park is a popular choice but if you are on a smaller budget, there are cheaper options too such as Oak House.

I live in Victoria Park (in Daisy Bank), around a 20–25-minute walk to campus (although it isn’t on a direct bus route). However, some Victoria Park accommodation is about a 15-minute walk such as Hulme Hall or Burkhardt House. There is a bar in Hulme Hall which all students can visit, which runs quizzes, and the darts society meets there on Mondays. Victoria Park is near the Curry Mile. Victoria Park is much quieter and more peaceful which is suitable for those who are not partygoers. There are also many catered options, such as Dalton Ellis – they are often not much more expensive but save you money on your food shop.

Other accommodations are in the city centre, while spread over a large area, Whitworth Park and Denmark Road will be a preferred option for some as it is only a short 5–10-minute walk to campus. While these come under the city accommodation, they are not directly in the city centre of Manchester. Other city accommodations are within walking distance of the city centre, such as Ancoats where there are nice restaurants, or the Arndale shopping centre. If you are in the city, you can always go to Sugden sports centre.

Also, consider the flat size, I live in a flat for 4 people. While some may prefer a larger flat which can be more sociable, I am happy with this. I have an ensuite, and I get on well with my flatmates and we work together at keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.

The washing and drying machines are on site and there is an app to pay for the service. It costs around £5 to use the washing and then drying machine.

Now you have chosen your top 5 you need to start preparing for coming to university. Get a checklist with everything you need for the kitchen, bedroom and toilet. I recommend you start buying early so it’s not a major rush.

Written by Joshua Waterman, student studying BA Criminology