My Experience with Career Services at The University of Manchester

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Architecture, Planning and Environmental Management, Postgraduate | 0 comments

As an international student, transitioning into a new university life and navigating job hunting can be overwhelming. Amidst this uncertainty and confusion, Career Services have been resourceful mentors through this journey. From engaging digital resources to one-on-one consultations, Career Services provides valuable information, serving as a guide in this chaos.


My day usually starts with an email from CareerConnect, likely a friendly wake-up call to new job vacancies tailored to my interests. CareerConnect is a comprehensive hub for student resources to help increase employability and look for job opportunities. I still remember going through the Career Passport section for the first time, starting different career pathways and taking the skills assessment. I have also looked into many job opportunities through this platform, whether graduate schemes, part-time jobs, or temporary work. With daily events, individual appointments, articles, career pathways and job vacancies, they provide essential information to students like myself. Another aspect I found impressive is the one-to-one appointments available to be booked through CareerConnect. Whether it’s a CV Review, job application review, or a LinkedIn profile review, direct feedback from career advisors is extremely helpful in understanding the areas for improvement.

LinkedIn Reviews

Speaking about LinkedIn, I have personally booked LinkedIn review appointments and found them helpful, with the career adviser offering me insights into how to edit each section of my LinkedIn profile and giving me resources to get started on LinkedIn. The recent digital skills fair by Career Services also featured a LinkedIn feedback session, which I found beneficial. I received in-person feedback on my LinkedIn profile, highlighting the areas I could improve, the parts I had done right, and discussing the possibilities of networking and being active on LinkedIn.

Getting CV Ready with CareerSet

One of the resources I found highly convenient is CareerSet, utilised alongside the sessions on improving CVs and cover letters. As an international student, I had the disadvantage of not knowing the CV formats generally used for job applications in the UK, which is different from what I had practised earlier. In this situation, Career Services gave me guidance on my CV. My journey started with the “Getting CV Ready” session on campus, followed by a career pathway, further online sessions on cover letters, and templates that are ATS-friendly. After this, I was able to craft a better CV, which I regularly update through the CareerSet score checker. Moreover, I found the “target my CV” helpful in improving the quality of my job applications.

Networking Events

The Career Services also gives opportunities to network through their events. Recently, I attended a sustainability conference to learn more about jobs in sustainability, talking directly with the employers, understanding what they look for in candidates, and listening to their journeys in their respective firms. It was a valuable opportunity to network with the employees at companies where I wished to work. The career fairs are also an opportunity to connect with employers and discover new career opportunities.

I often find myself going through the Career Services events and marking them on my calendar. There is always something to attend, and there is always something new to learn from Career Services. The best part is that I would get to use these services for some more time after I graduate. As my graduation is approaching, the uncertain future frightens me. Thankfully, I know that I’ll have support from Career Services, which will guide me better through the job-hunting phase. There is still a lot that I would like to explore. As I write this blog, I have on my list many more booked events that I’ll be attending in the coming days. Something that I have not yet attended, but I’m looking forward to attending is the interview simulation provided by Career Services. To those reading this, I’d encourage everyone to make the most of these resources, it is not just about finding a job opportunity, but also about feeling confident and empowered in your career journey.

Written by Aparna, current MSc Planning student at The University of Manchester