Industrial Placement Spotlight: The application process

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Hi there,

My name is Artem. I am an AMBS student on the BSc International Business, Finance and Economics programme, currently on a placement year with Beever and Struthers.

You are probably reading this blog as you are considering or, maybe even planning on, finding a placement year opportunity. If so, look no further as this blog provides all the help you need. Just to note, the advice here would be also useful for summer internships and graduate roles, as the process is identical.

First, understand your options – are you quite flexible with the industry, or are you looking for something specific? The general advice, however, would be to stay open to the opportunities in various sectors – you never quite know what you will like!

Once set on the industry, prepare yourself for the assessment process as soon as possible, as places are filled fast. Ideally, you would want to have done these two steps at least six months prior to the start of the application process.

The application process does vary from sector to sector, and from firm to firm, so it is important to remember that no size fits all in this game. Learn the application processes for all the industries and firms you are considering and then get practicing. From experience, the application process generally includes:

Online application form with your personal details and, in some cases, 2-3 motivational questions. Make sure to know your interest and what drives you for that particular firm/role to master these questions.

Online psychometric tests. These usually include a job simulation test, numeric, and logic tests, although it does vary from firm to firm. I would encourage to use university’s online practice tests, accessible via the CareerConnect platform. It’s never too early to start practicing these!

Self-recorded video interviews, arguably the most difficult part of the process. Usually motivational questions, although could also include responses to hypothetical job scenarios. These are really testing your communication skills, as well as understanding your personality.

Online Job Simulation. If you got to this stage, you have a really good chance of securing the role. These are carried over Zoom/Teams and require working in a group to complete certain tasks that would simulate the real work environment. The tasks require skills of presentation, discussion, and time management.

Final Interview – this stage can be part of the Online Job Simulation but could be arranged separately too. Try to give your very best at this final stage – this is your opportunity to land the job. Prove to the assessor, usually a senior manager of the department, how motivated and suitable you are for the role. For more technical roles, these can include tasks using the skillset required (coding) but this was not the case for me nor the majority of the roles.

As a key tip, make sure you do your research about each firm you apply to, as well as the role. Not only will you understand better what is ahead of you if you were successful, it will also separate you from other candidates. For the applications requiring a CV and cover letter, CareerConnect has some great resources, including the AI-powered CV software that I cannot recommend enough.

I would also recommend staying in the loop of the placement opportunities by not only signing up to the university’s and employers’ mailing lists, but also by connecting with your course mates, engaging with employer-related events and university-run competitions, and networking sessions. The more opportunities you expose yourself to, the more likely you are to land a placement.

Finally, remember that whatever happens in the end, it is your experience of finding the placement that counts too. Not many students have to go through this challenging journey, and those that do, already become stronger for their next job search process even if they were not successful at the first attempt.


Written by Artem, current BSc IBFE student at AMBS