How to unwind during stressful academic periods

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Master’s degrees in the UK require a year of rigorous coursework, but The University of Manchester offers a comprehensive experience. The academic calendar starts in September, with classes picking up steam in October and assessments in November. Prioritizing health and well-being during these times involves scheduling time for enjoyable activities, breaks from studies, and maintaining a balanced diet and sufficient sleep.


Taking a stroll and working out are two ways to relieve tension when studying. Oxford Road, The University of Manchester’s campus, is surrounded by several parks and leisure areas. Fallowfield and Whitworth Park are two large parks. These two have lots of green spaces for strolling and jogging in the summer, as well as areas for our Asian populations to play cricket and football and a waterfront near a sports court in Fallowfield park.


Making a weekly routine that balances study time with social activities and breaks is also shown to be the most effective way to decompress. Frequently, particularly following assignment deadlines, friends’ birthday celebrations in their dorms, common rooms, or residences offer a night out dancing to Afro, Indian, British, and American music. The ResLife would always get in the way near midnight due to noise pollution, but a determined, stress-free group of classmates would venture to extend the parties to town centre clubs. Students may enjoy a lively and varied nightlife scene in Manchester’s city centre. Northern Quarter is one of the best places to go for an amazing night out. This hip neighbourhood is home to several independent bars and clubs with a hip, mood that is alternate. For pizza and tequila, visit Crazy Pedro’s or Twenty Twenty-Two, which also features ping-pong tables. Playing vintage arcade games like Pac-Man while enjoying beverages is possible at NQ64. A well-executed night out and relaxation would ultimately help to release the stress, as would finishing the nights and welcoming the morning till roughly three in the morning, when bodies are exhausted and returning to accommodations.


To unwind during the academic year, fans of English Premier League football can visit Old Trafford or Etihad Stadium, while students can enjoy guided tours and panoramic views. Daily tours cost between £17 and £25. Attending a match between Chelsea and Manchester City in London and Anfield Stadium in Liverpool can provide a relaxing experience. I’m a huge football fan, so I couldn’t resist taking the train to London to watch my team, Chelsea, play Manchester City. Then, I spent the next weekend at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium, which provided the best relaxation before the second semester began, after all the coursework, exams, and assignments were completed in one go.


Manchester’s city centre offers numerous attractions for students to relax and explore. The National Museum of Football, Manchester Art Gallery, and street food markets provide opportunities to experience the city’s rich history and culture Students can also enjoy world-class museums, unique shopping experiences, street art, and a lively food and drink scene. The Union’s 532 Bar & Kitchen belonging to the University of Manchester Students’ , located in the Students’ Union building, is a popular spot for relaxation and breaks, offering a variety of food and beverages, including burgers, munchies, and beers.

In summary, prioritize your health and well-being over your academic work. Engage in physical activity, go for walks, attend parties and clubs, watch sports, visit town centres for live music performances, and enjoy street food while admiring the beauty of Manchester’s city centre. These activities will eventually help you reach your full course load and await your three-month dissertation period, which is dedicated to individual work. You should also consider planning a final tour of France, Germany, or any other European country after turning in your dissertation, as a means of decompressing and getting ready to return home after a stress-free and academic master’s program at The University of Manchester.

Written by Nchimunya, current MSc Global Development, Environment and Climate Change student at The University of Manchester