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‘My findings indicate that urban youth culture – including rap – plays a largely positive role in young people’s lives. It provides camaraderie, entertainment and a strong sense of identity.’
Dr Anthony Gunter, Open University

“As groups of young Black boys demonstrate their musical talent in videos, the prosecution know full well that many [jurors] won’t be able to see past the ‘gang’ label.”
Roxy Legane, Kids of Colour

Links to resources and organisations which can support educational activity for young people.

PDF cover with text reading 'Prosecuting rap: Can we get racial discrimination out of the courtoom?' and microphone graphic in backgroundProsecuting Rap schools teaching guide

Scholars who have acted as rap experts have contributed to the Futurum Careers teaching guide and activity sheet ‘Prosecuting Rap: Can We Get Racial Discrimination out of the Courtroom?’

The guide, sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, includes information on how experts that are featured got into their fields of work as well as pathways into university study in relevant subjects. 

Youth and educational organisations

There are many extraordinary youth and music organisations in the UK engaged with this topic including:

  • Kids of Colour– A Manchester based platform for young people of colour to explore race, identity and culture and to challenge the everyday, institutionalised racism that shapes their lives.
  • One Spirit / Hiphology – London based organisations working with people in custody and on release via an alternative curriculum based around creative arts and entrepreneurial activities, helping participants to develop and improve their personal and inter-personal skills whilst embedding a philosophy of life-long learning. 
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Explore how rap music is used in the criminal justice system and the scope of this website

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Explore scholarship, reports and Prosecuting Rap past events on the criminalisation of rap and young people