WILNET Interviews Youla Haddadin

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Interview | 0 comments

WILNET is delighted to present an interview with Youla Haddadin, UN Advisor on Human Trafficking. She shared with us how she became a human rights defender and how a very personal story shaped the way she values women’s rights. She also talked about what being a UN advisor entails and gave insights into her daily work at the UN. She gave details about the way the UN approaches human trafficking and why a human rights based approach is preferred rather than a crime-oriented approach. She explained how human trafficking disproportionately affects women and how the UN tries to deal with it.

From a more general perspective, she also shared her views on gender equality and cultural diversity in international organisations. She touched upon discrimination against women at the workplace and what needs to be done in order to eradicate any form of discrimination at the professional level. Her final words were addressed to women who want to pursue a career in international law: “Be passionate and compassionate!”

We hope you enjoy watching the video.


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