Clinical research services

Our experienced team can manage your ophthalmic clinical research from start to finish.

We offer a full range of clinical services and we will work with your company to determine your exact study requirements.

If you’re interested in working with us, or want further information, please contact us and ask to speak to Professor Philip Morgan or Andy Plowright.

Services include:

Protocol development
We can develop a protocol to a sponsor’s brief, or adapt our processes to adhere to an approved protocol. With links to scientists and statisticians, we can help sponsors augment the value of their study.
Ethical review
We have an established relationship with the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committees, and experience with the NHS National Research Ethics Service.
Regulatory adherence
We fully comply with ethical guidelines, Good Clinical Practice and other UK governance, and can accommodate further company/national regulations.
Subject recruitment and management
Being within a large university with more than 20,000 students and 12,000 staff in a multicultural city, we’ve built a strong, secure database of volunteers (all ages, contact lens wearers and non-wearers) and have a proven record of finding suitable study volunteers quickly and efficiently.
Full clinical evaluation
With an established team of research optometrists, and access to the latest equipment and research methods, we can deliver the data you need.
Data management
We have a robust, customised database for collection of data from volunteers both in clinic and remotely, and have experience of working with other data management systems.

Our internal monitors ensure the quality and integrity of our data, and have experience of working with external Clinical Research Associates.

Data analysis
Core members of our team are established academics with extensive experience of clinical data analysis and the latest contact lens and ophthalmic research developments.
Report writing
We offer a full report writing service, which can be tailored to your needs.
Co-ordination of multi-centre studies
We have experience in co-ordinating multi-centre studies, and can help sponsors identify reliable study sites.
Our facilities and expertise
  • Fully equipped ophthalmic clinic
  • Specialised clinical equipment including:
    • confocal microscope
    • ocular coherence tomographers
    • corneal topographers
    • ophthalmic imaging systems
  • Design and build of bespoke ophthalmic research equipment
  • Full image analysis capability.