Our volunteers are very important to us – without them our research would not be possible.

Each year, we run 20-30 clinical studies for the global ophthalmic industry and need volunteers on a regular basis. We’re especially interested in hearing from adult contact lens wearers, but sometimes we need children, teens, spectacle wearers or people that require no vision correction.

Our studies are individually designed and the commitment required from our volunteers is variable. Some studies require just one short visit to our clinic, while others may run for over a year and require multiple visits. Some may simply ask volunteers to wear a new contact lens as they go about their regular routines, while others may require them to perform specific vision tasks or tests while in clinic with us.


Volunteers currently needed:

  • Daily disposable contact lens wearers (aged 18-45) for a contact lens comfort study (ref 639).
  • Non-contact lens wearers (or lapsed wearers) for a study comparing the performance of two ‘artificial tears’ eye drop products in users of digital devices (ref 673)
  • Daily disposable contact lens wearers (aged 17-60 years) who buy their lenses from their optician (ref 675).
  • Contact lens wearers aged 18-35 years and with mild/moderate astigmatism for a study comparing spherical and toric contact lenses (ref 679).


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