My experience of Law and Criminology at Manchester

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Law with Criminology LLB student, Lacramioara Elena Metehau, shares her experiences of studying at The University of Manchester.

Why Law with Criminology

My passion for criminology arose while I was in middle school and since then I have been deeply interested in the study of crime. I find it challenging to study criminal behaviour and what is beyond it, because in this way we can get to the root of crimes. I have a keen interest in the UK legal system and I am looking forward to pursuing a career in this area. I would like to serve justice and protect human rights.

The best parts of being a UoM student

The Manchester Civil Justice Centre facadeAlthough I am Romanian, Manchester felt like home from the first day. It is a warm city which welcomes everyone regardless of their ethnicity, culture or religion. The educational system is different from what I was used to and I found it challenging to adapt to the new teaching methods, but I am a person who seeks adventure and enjoys challenging situations, so I found it a great opportunity to develop myself.

Course highlights

My course gave me the chance to be in touch with various people in this area, such as lawyers, judges, police officers and detectives, who deepened my knowledge about the legal and judicial system in the UK. The course also gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and to study the subject I am passionate about in a different and unconventional way.

Extracurricular highlights

Being part of a society is an important step in a student’s life, not only for getting a chance to deepen their knowledge about their courses, but also for networking and creating life-long friendships. Unfortunately, I had no time to get involved in a society and focused more on part-time work, volunteering and activities related more to the career I want.

I was in touch with the police in order to get a better insight into their work and volunteered for various activities at the University related to my dual course. At the moment I am in the process of becoming a volunteer for the Victim Support Organisation.

Looking ahead to the future

Students working and enjoying a coffee in Christie's Bistro on campusI would honestly love to be a Crime Scene Investigator and I have already started taking steps to realise this dream. As I previously mentioned, I have been in touch with detectives, police officers and different organisations related to this subject.

This course provided me with the unique opportunity to study not only about crimes and ways to prevent them, but also about the complexity of the legal system. The University of Manchester brings together a unique course focused on two important issues – law and crimes – and provides students with high quality services delivered by experienced and friendly staff.

My advice to prospective students

I would advise all freshers to start getting involved in any activities related to their course as soon as possible. There is no time to waste when you are creating your desired future.

My opinion is that nothing is impossible when pursuing your dreams and as long as you know exactly what you want from your future, you should do your best to create it. All our actions, regardless of how small or pointless they seem, represent a step ahead and will link together in building out desired future.