My experience so far as an Accounting and Finance student

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Undergraduate | 0 comments

BAEcon Accounting and Finance student Sabine Robinson shares her experience of studying at The University of Manchester.

Why Accounting and Finance at Manchester

A student and an academic supervisor sat at a computerAccounting and Finance at Manchester appealed to me because it provides students with the opportunity to work towards their Accounting qualifications while also delving deeper into the inner workings of real businesses, which was area that I found really interesting prior to enrolling on the course.

The course also allows you to focus on accounting and finance areas while also letting you choose some extra course units in the social science areas of politics and economics. I believe this has benefitted me as I will come out with a degree where I’ve been able to explore my additional interests alongside the core business course units.

The benefits of studying at The University of Manchester

I love the vibe of the University’s campus. It’s partly campus-style so all lectures are close together, but, it’s also within the city so there is a really good atmosphere and loads to do. 

The University of Manchester has the largest student population of all universities in the UK, giving you the chance to meet so many new people from all over the world. There are always events going on within and outside of the University among all the students and it’s a really great place to be.

My student experience so far

I’ve had the best student experience and made loads of new friends from so many different backgrounds and have grown up alongside them while gaining so much confidence and new skills I will use for the rest of my life.

I always wanted to come to university and have not regretted it for one minute. Not only have I developed a lot in terms of education but the chance to come to university and move out of my family home has really helped me grow up and learn how to look after myself. 

I have also build up a lot of confidence while meeting so many new people at university which I also believe will help me a lot in the future in both personal and work life.

My placement experience

I did an internship in the audit department of BDO, located in Spinningfields, Manchester. During my internship, I worked within teams on various client sites doing audit work and got a real insight into the world of audit. I have since received an offer of a graduate job there starting the September after I finish University.

Future plans

As mentioned, I have got a graduate job in audit off the back of my summer internship in the second year. However, I think my course is very attractive to employers in any area of business as you develop such a deep understanding of how businesses work. 

As well as the directly applicable skills from the course, the university will help me in my future career due to the organisational and people skills I have developed.

My advice to prospective students

Students sat outside on campusI was really nervous before starting university, which is normal as it’s a very daunting experience. However, you just have to remember that everybody in the exact same boat. Being pushed of my comfort zone and meeting loads of new people turned out to be the best thing for me as I’ve made so many friends for life.

I stayed in halls in my first year and that’s where I personally made my closest friends who I now live with so I would recommend doing this but I understand that everyone’s preferences are different.