Life as an international Sociology student in Manchester

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Sociology, Social Anthropology and Social Statistics, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Sociology BSocSc student, Sherita Tam, shares her experience of studying at The University of Manchester.

Choosing Sociology at Manchester

Two sociology studentsBefore I came to Manchester, I was doing a diploma in linguistics in Hong Kong. Throughout my two years spent on linguistics, however, I found myself more interested in social science-related courses so I decided to go for a sociology degree.

Along with the international reputation, facilities and the courses offered, the prime reason I chose Manchester was because the University welcomes students from different academic backgrounds. Manchester gave me the chance to pursue the degree I yearn for, so I made it my first choice.

In terms of course specifics, I’m particularly interested in looking at social interactions and how the external social world affects our everyday lives. Sociology at Manchester was attractive to me because the modules range from classical to contemporary social theories. The lineage of social thoughts from past to present are definitely useful to better understand the world I live in. 

The best parts of my degree

The flexibility of my degree allows me to choose from a wide variety of modules so I can explore various areas like popular culture, British culture and gender issues. Besides the course structure, sociology is relatively small so the teaching staff and students forge close links. I’m very happy to exchange my thoughts with my lecturers after class because their ideas and viewpoints inspire me a lot.

Course units that have stood out

My favourite course units so far have been about classical social theories and media culture.

I like the way our lecturers associate social theories with historical contexts and philosophical roots. This encouraged me to look further into complicated philosophical debates and examine the applicability of theories to the contemporary world.

Some lectures are quite interactive as well. Sometimes we have some small group discussions in class so I can learn from other classmates and evaluate a particular issue from various angles.

Extracurricular activities

Student ambassadors on campus showing prospective students aroundI’m currently taking part in the student ambassador programme. It’s given me opportunities to give visitors campus tours and make some new friends.

I’m also a member of the International Society which involves lots of travelling and exploring at weekends. We typically visit different cities in the UK, such as Oxford, Liverpool and Bath. I love sightseeing because architecture and historical heritage fascinate me.

Looking ahead

The ProD sessions on my course are really useful, especially when it comes to planning for my future career. From these sessions I’ve learnt more about what to do with my sociology degree and how to prepare my profile. As a result of this, I’ve started looking around for part-time jobs, internships, and volunteering opportunities to improve my CV.

Moreover, some of the courses I’m doing require students to deliver oral presentations in class. I’ve found it useful because I can practice my oral communication skills which are beneficial for job interviews and public speaking.