Politics PhD student, Marion Greziller, was the awardee of the inaugural Mick Moran Doctoral Scholarship. Before starting her PhD at Manchester, she sat down and spoke to us about her research.

My research proposal

My PhD intends to demonstrate that new meanings and interpretations for the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda are created during its implementation in all levels of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

The Women, Peace and Security UN resolutions aim to address the different security needs of men and women, support the role of women in promoting peace and security, and encourage its signatories in integrating a gender perspective in their security policies.

Exploring discourses and practices of actors in Brussels and in EULEX Kosovo, I will uncover potential tensions between policy and practice, and divergent interpretations of the WPS agenda within CSDP. Specifically, I will examine how existing norms of masculinity in CSDP and the neo-liberal understanding of gender within the EU shape the interpretation(s) of the WPS agenda and how it impacts the EU as a security and gender actor.  

My research interests

My main research interests are: 

  • Women, Peace and Security agenda
  • Feminist approaches to security studies
  • Gender and EU Common Security and Defence Policy

The decision to apply for a PhD at Manchester

A photo of a sculpture in Manchester city centre with the Beetham Tower in the backgroundI was first attracted to The University of Manchester for its high-quality academic and research-intensive environment for politics and international relations, ranked in the top ten in the UK, and for the opportunity to work with my supervisors, Dr Laura McLeod and Prof Georgina Waylen.

The University offers everything I am looking for to become a well-rounded academic: teaching opportunities, a great support system for postgraduates, and top-notch academics in my field.

Additionally, when I came to Manchester, a multi-cultural and vibrant city, I felt right at home!

My goals

I hope for my PhD to be my first step in the world of academia as I aim to pursue an academic career in the field of higher education either in the UK or elsewhere.

After my first experience in a CSDP mission as an intern, I am also passionate for my research to not only have a modest academic contribution but also to be of help for practitioners working on gender and security in the field.

The Mick Moran Doctoral Studentship

It is a great honour to be selected as the first recipient of this studentship. It is a fantastic opportunity for me to be able to pursue my research and develop as a researcher.

I feel incredibly lucky and inspired to be associated with Prof Mick Moran, who has made an indelible mark on The University of Manchester, the field of politics and British higher education.