A Week in the Life of a Management, Leadership and Leisure Student

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As an Undergraduate student at the University of Manchester, I am excited to introduce you to the life of blended study that impressed me most.

I went back to Manchester in September and have attended the on-campus course for three months. We can flexibly participate in lectures both online and in the Uni buildings. All classes are scheduled to avoid too many people gathering and masks and sanitiser are available in every University place. It is fantastic to see my classmates and tutors in person; the atmosphere is brilliant, making me feel everything is settled. Frankly, I got everything I expected at the University, and it seems like we can enjoy our university life as good as or even better before the COVID-19.

From Monday to Friday, I spend most of my time at the University; there are coffee shops and food places where I like to go for my breakfast when I have a 9am lecture. I also like to have a cup of hot chocolate between two lectures. After I finish my day classes, the University Library is the best place for me. I do individual research there, and we meet in small groups for course projects. It is the life I expected for university.

The Students’ Union organises many wonderful activities like field trips, pop music, and international cultural communications. Students are welcome to participate in the activities and make new friends. I attended a pop night party organized by the Students’ Union, a fantastic night to relax and meet international friends. Also, the University Volunteer Hub offers lots of opportunities for students to get volunteer experiences like planting trees and so on; all the activities are meaningful and valuable to develop the individual ability and make some positive contributions to society.

Not only for study, but sport is also an important part of university life. The University sports web offers a great number of activities like badminton training and football groups, while this is only an example, more things are waiting for you to explore. Additionally, language cert provides free language courses for an international student to develop their English skills and academic writing, so we don’t need to worry about the language barrier.

My accommodation is a 15 mins walk from the university, and it is easy for me to walk to the University every day. I enjoy the time when I walk home with my friends, and we like to take photos with the beautiful scenery on the way.

It is now approaching Christmas, and we are planning a city trip to explore the great Manchester city. We have celebrations organised by the Students’ Union. Also, the University Society web gives good suggestions for us.

That’s the university life in Manchester I want to share with you, and I would like to suggest everyone come to Manchester to enjoy themselves!