Five Tips from a Planning & Real Estate Student

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Architecture, Planning and Environmental Management, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Here are five things that I would like to share with you as a Planning & Real Estate student!
  1. Fieldtrips

I think one of the most interesting experiences as a Planning student is the fieldtrips. Apart from enjoying travelling to other places, you will also gain valuable knowledge and a better understanding from teachers’ introductions during the walking trips. We have visited some places in Manchester or near Manchester so far, however, I have heard that there is a chance to travel abroad in the next semester as a fieldtrip! Moreover, in addition to the fieldtrips from the University, as a Planning student, to have a sensitive observation towards every street, place and building you passed by is also important.

  1. Interdisciplinary

This course combines numerous subjects together such as Urban Design, Planning, Economics, Environmental Management, Geology, etc. and you gain knowledge of different authorities and organisations in a variety of areas. Therefore, while studying or doing a project, don’t be limited in one space and try to creatively consider all kinds of possibilities.

  1. Placement

In the second year, you will have the opportunity to choose a placement course as one of the optional courses, which means you can find a short placement during the semester to help you learn more about planning and real estate apart from what’s in textbooks.

  1. Relevant challenges

Grab every event or challenge concerning planning or real estate if you are interested. This will provide you precious experience and even boost your CV. I have attended “Sustainability Challenge” which taught me how to balance the cost and sustainable purpose whilst planning. Moreover, the course “Food wave”, which I am taking right now, is also about achieving sustainability in food and I am deeply convinced those valuable experiences will also help a lot with my future study.

  1. Extracurricular activities

Sometimes attending extracurricular events can release our stress from lectures and assignments and meet new friends. For me, I have also joined in some University societies and volunteering in my spare time. As for societies I took part in, K-pop society and Photography society will always hold some wonderful activities for us and for the volunteering jobs, I have volunteered in Welcome Week and am currently volunteering once a week in Milk & Honey Café. I am also planning to do some volunteering jobs concerning sustainability or environment in the future.