How to Utilise University Resources

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Written by Ruiqi Tao, Undergraduate – BSc Planning and Real Estate

“Today I would like to share all the University resources I have found so far. However, they are just a small part of it and I highly suggest you spend more time exploring. You will realise how abundant the resources are that the University provides for you.


1.  Online library

If you are not available to go to libraries, go to The University of Manchester Library website. There are lots of digital books, journals, and resources for you to read and sometimes it is much easier to find your book online. In addition, there are a variety of services you could find in the website such as plenty of workshops you can book from My Learning and Research Essentials.


2. Language Centre

If you don’t feel confident about your English, the Language Centre has many courses for you to improve your English. Besides, it provides a wide range of language courses with 12 different languages being on offer for personal, professional and academic purpose.


3. University account

Make the best use of your University account. It is free to use a lot of Microsoft software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Moreover, keep an eye on information such as reading lists from your courses. You might find out it is free to use some software or useful websites for your assignment as long as you log in your University account.


4. Volunteer hub

Never overlook the value of volunteering. You will gain much more than you are expecting. From my experience, I have not only boosted my CV, but also made friends and learned more skills from them. Looking at the volunteering hours counted in my Volunteer Hub, I feel so happy about it. If you are interested in it, go to Volunteer Hub. I am sure you could find one you like.


5. Student Union

If you want to find some friends who have same interests with you, join a society in the Student Union. They will also hold many amazing events for you to attend. It is a perfect place for relaxing after your studying.


6. Career Connect

If you are looking for an internship, a placement, or a part-time job, Career Connect will provide every resource you need, such as helping you to enhance your CV or Cover Letter, giving you interview advice, and also providing numerous work opportunities.


7. Student Support

Disability Advisory and Support Service, and Assessment Centre can help you access different types of support that you may need, from alternative arrangements in exams to software to help you study. Feel free to contact them if you need any help.”