Written by Maria Kunniparampil, Master of Planning and Real Estate Student

“As a part of my course (Planning and Real Estate), I was given an opportunity to select a placement module in my second year. I pursued my placement in India (my home country) over the summer.


The reason for choosing a Placement module

Most of my course mates by second year were leaning towards Planning or Real Estate whereas I was still very confused. I liked both the subjects equally but my modules were more focused towards planning so I decided to balance it out by doing a placement in Real Estate, hoping that this would allow me to have equal opportunity and knowledge to decide by the time I graduate.


Doing a placement over the summer

I personally preferred doing my placement over summer because:

  • That way I did not have to worry about it once I was back at Uni and I could focus on my course work.
  • Being at the company for a complete month helped me observe an entire project from start to finish and made it easier for the company to give me work.


My Placement aims were:

  • To observe and learn the operation of a typical Indian real estate company.
  • Explore roles in the company that satisfy me the most, emotionally and the role I am best at.
  • Introduction to the professional world of real estate.
  • To apply theoretical concepts in practical work
  • Gain specialised knowledge skills in real estate.


What did I do?

I worked as a part of 2 main subdivisions namely Commercial and Residential teams. I was given 6 days to explore various roles on both teams, wherein I was prepped to interview for each role to help me understand what every role entailed. After the 6-day period, I decided to choose the commercial team where I assisted the listing agent, sales negotiator and finally dealt with the sales projects for a developer.


What did I learn?

  • Understood prevalent misconceptions: Real Estate is not easy money, nothing is.
  • Realised that I value the work atmosphere more than I thought I did.
  • I enjoyed the placement module the most out of all my other modules.


So, was it worth it?

I am glad and believe that placement was worth it because looking back at it, it feels like I fulfilled more than just what I had aimed to. While I was introduced to various experts in the field or while I was busy learning data entry, I also made friends. Whether I learned to maintain client relationships or found my admiration for market reports, I was also reminded of Practice makes perfect and when I was striving to make as many sales as possible to beat my fellow interns, I was humbled by the CEO that sat with his employees for meals. Thus, I would like to pursue more focused placements in future as this experience made me understand that there is much more for me to explore and more details to perfect.”