Jingyu shares his experience studying MSc Management and Information Systems: Change and Development

by | May 11, 2022 | Postgraduate | 0 comments

Why did you choose to study this master’s course at The University of Manchester?

Firstly, my undergraduate course is Management and Information System, out of personal interests and career plans, I chose this course supposing to get a deeper insight into this field. Moreover, this course is under the Global Development Institute, which quite fits my background. I wanted to learn the related knowledge of ICT application and digital transformation in developing countries. When I go back to China, I can use such ideas and methodologies to help my country. Last but not least, another reason why I chose UoM is Manchester is an international and diversified city, it has a great inclusive culture and friendly people, which can provide me with an international outlook.


How much time do you spend in classes and private study?

In my course, there are approximately 3 hours of classes per day and I normally spend two hours per day previewing and reviewing the class. 

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

The most impressive thing in my course so far is we had a 4-day field trip to London at the start of April. We were led by supervisors to receive some lectures and presentations from different companies, which quite broaden my horizons. These modules helped me better understand how to combine theories and practice. Besides, it gave us a great chance to visit London while studying.


What has been the most challenging part of your course so far?

It should be a lot of reading materials, in my course, we need to preview loads of handouts and cases, which brought me difficulties at the beginning, but as my English reading ability has improved a lot, I’ve alright got used to it.

Have you undertaken any fieldwork as part of your course?

Yes, as I mentioned above, we had a field study tour in London, which was impressive and meaningful.

How would you describe your student experience so far?

It is amazing and unforgettable, I have learned much professional knowledge and made many friends not only in class but in some societies and activities.

What is the best thing about living and studying in the city of Manchester?

As a football person, I have to say the best thing is you can easily get acquainted with people love football and enjoy the match at bars. Manchester is the paradise of football lovers.

What kind of accommodation do you live in?

I live in a private student accommodation which is nearby campus.

Do you have any tips for future students?

Try to make the best use of the university’s platform and resources such as the student support center, and language center. Try different things boldly and make each school day count.

What are your plans for life after graduation?

I’m going to look for a job related to my major such as a programmer or consultant after graduation.