What I love about Manchester

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Written by Erzhena Dashieva – MSc Management and Implementation of Development Projects

“The thing that I value about Manchester the most is the city’s diversity. It is a place where everyone can find something capturing and resonating in any sphere of life.  

Manchester canalPeople

Multicultural residents bring pieces of their culture and make the city international. Talented people come here to study, create and party together. All my friends that I met here are from very different backgrounds but are equally gifted and passionate about their interests. They are an amazing crowd that enrich my world overview with every communication that we have. Also, even strangers are friendly and ready to talk. 



The city never gets boring with its variety of attractions: from football games of Manchester United or Manchester City to live concerts of world-famous or local bands, from vintage markets and charity shops, to street festivals and museums. Another huge entertainment is the food represented by all the national cuisine imaginable. The number of bars and cafes is unbelievable, and I often manage to find a hidden gem of a little place with amazing food in different neighbourhoods. These tempting leisure options seem endless.  


It is what most of us are here for. The local universities and colleges provide opportunities to study all the subjects imaginable: from computer science, events management, music, art, history, chemistry to neuroscience and more. The University of Manchester has a long history of innovations and inventions, and it is fascinating to try to make an input. 


The city is composed of a range of unique and catchy neighbourhoods: relaxed Ancoats with iconic redbrick cotton mills, the busy city centre where treasures of historic buildings are seamlessly mixed with futuristic architectural styles, lively Oxford Road packed with universities and students, cheerful Gay village alongside a lovely old channel and vibrant Deansgate with crowds of pleasant people. Here, architectural artefacts of the industrial revolution era are now home to modern local businesses where the hits of world-famous local bands like Oasis are constantly played.  Manchester

My favourite activity here is roaming through the city. I often invite my friends, all from different backgrounds, to discover new areas, parks, and channels and discuss everything, while we are walking. On my way, I seek little surprises or something that I did not pay attention to before: an old pub in a handsome house, a nice independent coffee shop or a concert poster of my favourite band. This makes the city a well-known lovable place. 

To sum up, in Manchester I enjoy the mix of advantages of a big multicultural city and the easy atmosphere of a cosy neighbourhood.”