My student life adventure at The University of Manchester from Japan

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My student life adventure in University of Manchester from Japan.

I am studying as an international student 9195 km away from my home country. There are many reasons for this unique educational background.

When I was a high school student in Japan, I said to myself, “I don’t want to make the same choices as everyone else. I wanted to make a unique choice that only I could get. So then, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go to a university far away abroad instead of a Japanese university.

Choosing a distinctive choice is a more complicated and challenging path than the usual one. However, one only grows as a person by overcoming difficulties. It is more meaningful to study in a different country to see new sights, speak a second language and meet new people than to study in a familiar environment with familiar sights and mother tongue.

Furthermore, out of all the universities, I decided to study at the University of Manchester for three years. Then, I am currently a second-year student in BSc Education. BSc Education at the University of Manchester is unique because it is a Bachelor of Science Education, not Arts. Moreover, it is one of the few faculties in the world that offers a BSc Education degree, which is very rare. This makes it attractive to study education from various perspectives, such as thinking about educational issues from the perspective of neurology and psychology.

I sometimes have difficulties with assignments and lessons because I am not a native speaker. However, the University of Manchester’s support is generous. Professors are kind enough to answer questions and are always friendly and supportive. In addition, Every student can get an academic advisor who can support us in academic things and our future career path. This support is helpful as I came abroad alone and had no one to rely on.

Studying abroad, away from my parents and friends, can be lonely. When I first started studying abroad, I was worried about making friends. However, the University of Manchester community is huge – the Student Union is arguably the biggest in the UK, and there are so many different societies. I am very involved with the international society and the language society. In language society, I teach Japanese. It is advantageous and beneficial for me to gain practical educational experience as a volunteer and in society while studying for my degree. I also work as a Student Ambassador. As a student ambassador, I am also involved in revitalising the University of Manchester in this way by communicating its attractions and generating interest. Of course, living abroad on my own is difficult. The academic transition as a university student is also very demanding. However, I recognise that this experience is a lifetime experience and one that I will never forget.

It is up to you to create an experience that will make you feel that you made the right choice and did not make a mistake. We create our study abroad and university story. I think the University of Manchester is the perfect place to do that. My study abroad story as a student is fulfilling right now. I study with many friends who work hard, encourage each other, participate in extra-curricular activities, and expand my community. I am excited every day to see such a wide world if I act on my own. Despite all this, I am busy with the daily emotions – the difficulties, the frustrations, the loneliness. But this is a little bit of student time in this long life. I feel happy to be able to spend it in this foreign country. I am glad I made a different choice from everyone else, a tough one in my life.

Not only in studying abroad but if you are still undecided about a significant choice in your life, please try to make a tough choice. I am sure it will be an experience in your life that you will never forget, just as I am. The experience will be a good influence for the rest of your life.

Let’s make the best adventure in your student life at the University of Manchester!