What I enjoy about Russian Studies at The University of Manchester

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Languages and Cultures, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Written by Sophie Ralph, a 1st year French and Russian Studies student.

Hi! I’m Sophie, a current first-year student studying French and beginner’s Russian at Manchester. I chose to study Russian since I’ve always been interested in Eastern-European culture, and having done French at A-Level, I wanted to complement it with another language at university.

I chose Manchester for my course not only because of the amazing city and beautiful campus, but also because of the large number of modules that stood out and appealed to me. My course modules this year are all really enjoyable and diverse! During the first year, I have compulsory modules including Russian history and Russian language 1 & 2. Later on in my studies, I will have the opportunity to study optional modules such as Polish, as well as more Russian history, literature, and culture, while also progressing further in my compulsory Russian language module, with the opportunity to study a module in translation later on. I started this year as a complete beginner of Russian, and the intensity of the language course has allowed me to progress at such an incredible rate, with this being my favourite module, largely down to the great teaching staff. The beginners’ Russian language module includes four grammar classes a week along with two oral classes a week each semester. My grammar class allows us to understand the intricacies of Russian grammar, and then the oral class lets us practise speaking what we’ve learned that week as well as being taught set topics for a better grasp of vocabulary. On the whole, I have nine contact hours a week for the Russian side of my course.

The teaching staff for Russian studies is amazing; being taught by native Russian speakers definitely provides an experience unlike any other. The staff support is also fantastic, and they’re always ensuring students know where and how they can access support for any problems that may occur, whether it be with the course or something else. Along with an amazing course, I will be able to spend a year abroad in a Russian-speaking country during my third year.

I’ve found Russian studies to be such a rewarding course, as well as the amazing student life in Manchester. No matter your preference, there is always something to do. I absolutely love discovering all the food places, and Manchester has already provided me with so many unforgettable experiences. My advice for you as an offer holder is to try and find someone who is currently studying the course you applied for and speak with them in order to get further insight into the university, the city, and the course, as I found this incredibly beneficial.