Georgia’s experience on BSc Business Accounting

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Imagine having the opportunity to work for one of the largest accounting companies in the world, being able to enjoy the university life, and completing the majority of your ACA qualifications! These are just a few of the reasons why I love my accounting course.
I’m Georgia Glenn from Manchester and I am a third-year student representative on the BSc Business Accounting course at The University of Manchester. 

How it works and what’s involved 

The degree is made up of 4 years. During the first-year students will spend a full year at university (take my advice and make the most out of your university life during this year)! You will gain knowledge of a variety of different subjects linked to accounting. This will include law, economic, audit and other general topics. This is a very beneficial year as it allows you to gain the basic knowledge to give you a head start. 

Second year gets a bit tougher. This is where you face your first ICAEW exam paper which can be a bit more challenging than what you have previously faced but don’t worry – there are lots of people around you to support you. During this year you will also experience your first paid placement. This is my favourite part about this programme. I learnt so much from my first placement and gained some amazing friends in the PwC Manchester office. I was quite nervous before starting my placement but everyone there makes you feel so welcome, and you have so much support around you so never be afraid to ask questions – even if you think they are stupid!

There is a similar set up in third year with more ICAEW exam papers and another 4 months placement. By this time, you will be excited for your second placement and confident in the work you do.

And finally, fourth year – this year you will have a few more exams, a project to complete and an even longer placement (be prepared because you’ll be working in busy season)!

The process of being assigned your office 

When deciding the office which is right for you, you will be given information about all the offices and information about the locations. You will then pick your top 5 locations and give your reasonings behind why you think this is best for you. The PwC team will then allocate all students to different offices around the UK, taking your reasonings into account. My top location was Manchester because I love the city and I like being close to home and felt like it was where I fit in best and this is my current placement location –  I love it!

What I am looking forward to on my next placement 

I’d say that I am looking forward to getting back into my working routine and seeing the friends I made last year. I am also looking forward to getting involved in more social events and team building exercises again such as the Spring Ball and Away Day, which are held whilst we are on placement, as it is a chance to socialise with everyone in the audit department and a way to make new connections around the office. I also love how the placement is situated at the end of the university year which means you do not need to worry about exams, and you can use your free time to socialise and carry on with any hobbies that you may have outside the office. 

I like how I can carry on with my artwork at the weekend and have a cheeky glass of wine in the evenings 😉 without having to worry about exams! 

Top tips for incoming students

  1.  Never be afraid to ask questions or get involved – we benefit from having a small set of students on the course and this will benefit you when making new friendships quickly and fitting in.
    Remember everyone’s in the same position as you and its ok to be nervous at first because everybody else is.
  2. Ask for and take feedback at university and on placement. Feedback is one of the most valuable benefits we get on this programme, and we get a lot of additional support from our tutors at university and staff at PwC.
  3. Go to other students in the years above you if you need help or you are struggling. My year didn’t have this benefit since we were the first set of students to do this course at The University of Manchester. Every student will be willing to help you. I try my best to help others on the year below me with their studies and to make them feel welcome.
  4. Make an impression on placement. This can be done by working overtime (which you will get paid for), asking questions and getting involved with any social events that PwC hold.
  5. Finally, make the most of first year and get the “partying” out of your system (but don’t forget to work hard in the exams you do have – obviously)!