Why I chose to study Criminology at The University of Manchester

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Criminology and Law, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Written by Katie Evans, a 1st year Criminology student.

Hi I’m Katie, I’m a first year criminology student at Manchester. This course was interesting to me as I’ve always had an interest in crime and deviance, but what swayed my decision to UOM was the fact that it was number one in the UK for criminology along with the immediate love I had for the city and campus. I particularly loved how the campus is a city campus along the Oxford Road as it meant that the buildings were fairly easy to find. This was really solidified at the offer holder event I attended where I could see the passion both staff and students had for the course along with the taster lecture that immediately piqued my interest. That day I decided I really wanted to come here.

Each year you study 6 modules (3 per semester). For semester 1 of first year we did foundations of criminological scholarship, crime and society and foundations of criminal justice. For each module there is a seminar (a small group of around 10) and a lecture (the whole cohort). Lectures deliver the content; seminars are where it is discussed. For each module, you will cover a different topic each week. In criminology, modules for the first 2 years are mandatory but in the third year (or fourth if you choose to do international study) you’re able to direct your own learning towards specific interests. However, this is still possible in the earlier years as there is an element of choice on what you do your coursework on.

My favourite module was foundations of criminal justice as I loved learning about the different facets of the criminal justice system and the key issues with them. In particular I enjoyed the week on the court system as I had little knowledge of it prior but after the lecture I had discovered a new interest. The focus on key issues with each element is also good in this module as it expands our social awareness. It also links to the crime and society module which goes into further depth on these issues, such as overrepresentation of ethnic minorities. I am most looking forward to studying criminal law this semester as it will tie into this interest in the criminal justice system along with giving me some legal knowledge.

Along with the course, I’m also enjoying student life at Manchester due to the excitement of living in a city with so much to do. The night life is great, but there are equally fun social activities to do in the day. Specific to the university I have joined the drama society and filmmaking society so that I’m able to explore my more creative interests. Societies have different events which allow you to meet many new people who share your interests, especially during freshers week. I have also been lucky enough to be part of a film in the filmmaking society which is an opportunity I never had in college, also allowing me to meet very cool new people.

In summary, Manchester is a great university that you should consider firming if you love the city and campus as the experience is equally as great. The course is just great, I am having a lot of fun in learning – something that happened a lot less at A-Level even though I enjoyed my subjects.