Life as an International Student in Manchester

by | Jan 26, 2023 | AMBS, Undergraduate | 0 comments

I am currently in my final year studying BSc (Hons) International Business, Finance and Economics and have had a fantastic time as an international student living in Manchester! In this blog, I’ll discuss how I came to Manchester and other aspects of my life here as well as advice for incoming students.

I initially came to Manchester in September 2020 and as I travelled from outside the country, I had to quarantine for two weeks. Things were much better after the quarantine period when I moved into my new flat and joined numerous university societies. Some include MUCAI (comic art and illustration society), MUBS (Manchester University barbershop singers), IBFE society and many more. Initially I was a bit anxious about being away from home, but I soon met new people and got involved with the course and other social aspects of the university.

I chose the University of Manchester because of the Alliance Business School, ranked 5th in the UK for accounting and finance and 6th for business and management. I also fell in love with my degree program as it is incredibly diverse, covering many fundamental areas of business, finance, and economics. I also loved the variety of modules offered and how easy it was to structure your degree program to your strengths and interests.

My favourite thing about being at Manchester would have to be the city and the university societies! I am a member of multiple and love filling up my week with different non-academic activities. The student’s union has such a large variety and there will always be something for someone. The city is so lively and with the Christmas markets up, there is even so much more to see and do. Going to cafes with my friends to study and going out for lunch are some of my favourite things to do. In addition, Manchester has a variety of music and theatre productions on throughout the year, a fun activity for those interested in live music and theatre.

At the theatre

At the theatre

One of the most important things I’ve learned at Manchester is to engage with the course content. As exams are fast approaching, it is even more relevant than ever. Initially, I was hesitant to ask questions in seminars and reach out during office hours, but it is incredibly beneficial in the long run. I’ve also learned discussing with course mates about difficult topics not only helps with understanding but also helps with feeling more involved with the content and with your course mates. My advice to incoming students would be to relax, number 1! University might seem quite daunting but there is a lot of support available both for academic work, social, and general wellbeing.  I would also advice exploring the city and what it has to offer, for example, restaurants, different activities, parks, museums and much more. Lastly, I would advise stepping out of your comfort zone. Meeting new people can be daunting but if you attend society events, student union and faculty events, you can easily meet people who share similar interests with you!

Written by Oluseyi