My experience moving to Manchester

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My name is Puteri Nur Aiman, an International Student from Malaysia. I am a current postgraduate student at Alliance Manchester Business School and I am studying Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. This is my first time living abroad and to Manchester and I’ve been here for about 3 months.

My Experience Moving to Manchester

Before I moved here for my studies, I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I did my undergraduate studies back in my home country, and I’ve always wanted to go abroad for my Master’s degree, so I decided to choose the University of Manchester. My experience of moving to Manchester was a mixture of excitement and sadness. I’m excited that I finally get to start a new chapter of my life in a new country and sad that I’m leaving behind my family and friends back at home. Once I got here, I was in awe at how huge the campus is and how the architectural design of the building is rich with history. I fell in love with the parks too, especially the Whitworth Park that’s situated between my accommodation and campus. It is nice that I get to walk every day through the park; it motivates me to be more healthy.

Why I chose this Course/University

I chose to study MSc Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at the Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) because of the programmes it offers within the course and, of course, the university itself being one of the top universities in the world and highly reputable. The course that I’m doing offers amazing programme structures that I know will be beneficial for me to gain skills for my career later, and on top of that, this programme is CIPD Level 7 certified. Besides that, I chose this university due to the diversity it offers in terms of international students. Being here has given me the opportunity to make friends from all over the world and learn about different cultures.

Things I Enjoy the Most

Being in Manchester has been really enjoyable so far, and one of the things I enjoy most is trying out different food. Manchester is a city of melting pot of cultures, so naturally it comes with all kinds of food as well, from Indian to Spanish to Thai and many more. Every Tuesday, there’s always a food market held at the campus, and me and my classmates would often try out different stalls every week, and each stall represents different countries.

Learning Experiences

One of my valuable learning experiences over the past of 3 months living here is the progress I made for myself in terms of personal growth and coming out of my comfort zone. I never thought I would develop close friendships with people of different nationalities and cultures, but the friendships that I’ve made here are some of the things I will cherish the most. Apart from that, I’ve learned how to properly budget my monthly expenses, especially spending on food and shopping. With the cost of living increasing, it is important to follow a strict budget to avoid overspending. To do that, I would usually limit eating out to once or twice a week, and most days I would cook and bring my own lunch to campus.

Tips to Incoming Student

A few tips I would give to incoming students are to come with an open mind and make friends outside of the box! Some of the richest cross-cultural learning you may have during your time abroad. Another tip is to take advantage of the university’s facilities. I love doing revisions at Eddie Davies Library. The environment of the library at AMBS has helped me focus and make the most of my time to study and finish my assignments. Lastly, talking to one of the Student Ambassadors can be extremely helpful too, incoming students can connect with these ambassadors via UniBuddy!

Written by Puteri Nur Aiman