Choosing Manchester for my Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree

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In a blink of an eye three years of university have flown by!

It still feels like yesterday I moved to Manchester straight from High School not knowing what the future had on hold for me.

I have had three fantastic years during my bachelor’s in Management (Accounting and Finance) in which I’ve learned new skills, blended into a new culture and made long-lasting friendships.

What stood out of Manchester to me was mainly campus life. The medium sized city allows students to both have fun in town but to also enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle while developing meaningful relations – given that accommodations are of easy reach and not as dispersive as in London. Manchester is one of the UK’s most international universities and the people really open your mind and make your experience vibrant. I absolutely loved having so many international course mates to share my experience with, each of whom taught me something new.

Joanne at campus

Joanne at campus

The university staff and services are also outstanding. There has not been a day I have not felt cared of from AMBS. I always received quick support from office staff when faced with issues and opportunities I also had the pleasure to be taught by knowledgeable academics that are also wonderful and funny people. My lecturers have been helpful not only in terms of study feedback, but mostly in supporting me during quarantine, or simply when I had bad days and I needed a talk.

Last but not least, UOM is a great university that offers many different degrees. In my case, I was not sure in which business field to specialise in, and after deciding to take on a broad degree (Management) I noticed Manchester was the only university that allowed me to shape my degree based on my abilities and interests throughout the years. The course allows for specialisms (or none), as well as a year in industry or study abroad. Overall, I think the way courses are structed and taught in Manchester is extremely spot on for young students and studying at such institution gave me the means for landing my dream job in the very same city.

City view

City view

Thinking on my experience, these were the reasons I chose Manchester not only for my undergraduate, but for my postgraduate degree as well, despite offers from higher-ranking institutions. The choice just came naturally based on my pleasant experience with the school, wanting to broaden my academic knowledge further. As a PG student, I surely felt a step up from UG. In solely one semester I have acquired many new skills, while in terms of study master’s goes further and enables students to widen their critical thinking and empirical analysis skills. I also noticed a difference in class experience: much smaller group of students and less cultural diversity. However, the experience is very similar overall, and it is great to work alongside enriched students that come from different universities and have a clearer idea of where they are going next.

Written by Joanne