Applying theoretical eLearning skills into practice – Bernardo’s study experience

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Bernardo (Yuk Wang) Wong, originally from Hong Kong, graduated from MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education (DTCE) in 2022 and shares his experience studying on the course with us.

On why I chose Manchester

The University of Manchester is amongst the top universities in the UK. And the units in the course are very relevant to the field of eLearning/ digital learning.

On my career to date

I was previously a research assistant and project assistant in multiple tertiary educational institutions in Hong Kong. I decided to switch my career to the field of eLearning/ digital learning and that’s why I came to the UK for this master’s degree. Currently, my job role is Graduate Digital Learning Developer.

On how the course prepared me for my career

My main duty is to design digital learning courses for the employees in the organisation.

First of all, the course taught me a lot of educational theories, which are very useful when it comes to course design. In my current job, I’ve to integrate educational theories with the course design and put them into practice. The theories I’ve learnt in this course helped me to do that.

Secondly, the skills I acquired in the course were valuable for my job too. I did not only learn various software but also had the opportunity to practise them. It applies to my current job again as I need to use multiple software including Adobe Storyline to design training courses. The previous experience helped me get used to using the software quickly.

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in eLearning/ digital learning before I started my studies at Manchester. I think DTCE is a course that can provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to its students. It’s crucial as companies nowadays would look for graduates that are knowledgeable but also can apply them to real-life situations. I think DTCE did that brilliantly, and hence, its students are competitive and pragmatic.

On career initiatives organised by the course team

Thanks to the DTCE team, I joined multiple career talks in which some DTCE alumni shared their experiences and advice. Their sharing let me understand more about digital learning, and reassured my choice of pursuing a career in this field is correct.

Furthermore, I was lucky to meet with alumni in a 1-to-1 online meeting, in which she shared a lot of interview skills and her work experience with me, which were proven very useful when I had my interviews.

On my most surprising takeaway from the course

Firstly, I’d say the knowledge and skills I learnt definitely helped me to land the current job I have. Secondly, I made numerous connections with experts in the digital learning field. We can always share and learn from each other, which I think is very important because this field is always changing. We need to keep driving ourselves to learn to produce the best digital learning content.

I’d say go for this course if you want to pursue a career in the field of eLearning/ digital learning. This course would offer you both practical and theoretical knowledge and skills, which would be great assets for your future career.