How to prepare for studying BSc Accounting at The University of Manchester

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Embarking on a BSc Accounting programme at The University of Manchester is an exciting step towards a rewarding career in the business world. In this blog, a final-year accounting student will share with you the steps to prepare yourself for studying BSc Accounting at Alliance Manchester Business School.

Before diving into your studies, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the BSc Accounting programme offered by The University of Manchester. The AMBS programme gives you two options: a three-year pure study programme or a four-year programme with a one-year placement experience. Studying BSc Accounting at The University of Manchester offers a solid foundation for a successful business  career because the university’s Career Centre and career events provide valuable support in applying for placements and planning your graduation. Also, the programme covers fundamental areas such as accounting, finance, management, and investment. Gaining expertise in financial reporting analysis techniques will equip you with highly sought-after skills for various business roles. Additionally, completing modules may grant exemptions from professional accounting qualifications like ACCA and ACA.


Reception in AMBS

Accounting is a versatile discipline applicable to various business projects. To prepare for studying BSc Accounting, start developing the habit of analysing accounting information in real-world scenarios. Reading financial statements issued by prominent companies and staying updated with relevant news. This practice will enhance your understanding of how accounting principles are applied, making your studies more practical and relatable. Effective communication and teamwork are essential in the BSc Accounting programme. Students can prepare by enhancing their communication skills to excel in group projects, participate in social events on campus, and engage in professional discussions during career events.

To make the most of your experience studying this programme, it’s crucial to be prepared for the numerous interactive events that are an integral part of the programme. These events include office visits, career fairs, group projects, and social activities. Renting a flat near university campus can be a wise decision if you plan to live off-campus, as it ensures easy access to these events. Familiarising yourself with campus facilities, such as the library and study rooms, will help you effectively organise future discussions and group work. Additionally, it’s essential to have a professional outfit ready for attending career-related events. By taking these preparatory steps, you’ll be well-equipped to engage in the diverse range of activities that await you.



While studying the accounting programme can be challenging, it should not overshadow your entire university experience. To maximise your enjoyment and engagement, it is advisable to start exploring and joining organisations and societies related to accounting and finance. These opportunities often require pre-signing up, and you can find information about them on the university’s website and social media platforms. For instance, the students’ union and the accounting society are excellent choices that will enrich your campus life and open doors to academic and professional new experiences. These organisations provide a wealth of information, networking opportunities, and chances to engage with like-minded peers. By actively participating in these extracurricular activities, you will enhance your overall university journey and gain valuable insights and career prospects.

Preparing for the BSc Accounting programme at The University of Manchester requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and awareness. By familiarising yourself with the programme structure, understanding its rewards and challenges, and developing your communication skills, you’ll be well-equipped for this exciting academic journey. Embrace the opportunities available, make the most of your time at AMBS, and lay a solid foundation for a successful career in the dynamic accounting field.

Written by Lanxin, final year BSc Accounting student at AMBS.