Hey there! I’m thrilled to share my journey as a third-year Law with Politics student at the University of Manchester. Choosing this course wasn’t just about pursuing a degree; for me, it was a decision to explore the intricate relationship between the worlds of law and politics.

The course structure at Manchester offers a perfect blend of core and optional modules over three years. In my first year, I developed foundational knowledge through compulsory modules like Public Law, Contract 1, Introduction to Political Theory, Introduction to Comparative Politics, and Introduction to International Politics. As I progressed, I appreciated the flexibility to tailor my learning through a range of optional modules. The teaching methods involve a mix of lectures, seminars, and engaging debates, giving me a wide understanding of complex legal and political concepts. The staff’s unwavering support and approachability have been instrumental in my academic journey.

Some standout modules for me include Contract 1 (taken in year 1) and Blitz to Brexit (taken in year 2). Contract 1 delved into the importance of contractual terms, misrepresentation, contract breaches, and remedies. Studying this module made me feel like a lawyer from ‘Suits’—complicated but rewarding! The Blitz to Brexit module gave me a deep understanding of British politics since the 1940s and how past movements and policies still impact our present and future. We explored subjects like feminism, British Black Power, youth culture, and housing struggles.

Manchester offers abundant opportunities for aspiring lawyers and politicians. I’m particularly interested in a career in commercial law. The Manchester University Law Society, one of many supporting students on their legal journeys, hosted frequent events with lawyers, bridging the gap to the legal world. Securing a training contract at the end of my first year was a success, as Manchester is a target university for many law firms.

Students here are at the forefront of impactful campaigns, striving to create a more inclusive and supportive academic environment. One such annual movement is ‘Reclaim the Night,’ a powerful campaign against sexual harassment and gender-based violence. Each year, students take to the streets, marching to advocate for an end to sexual violence and to ensure safety and autonomy for all women and marginalized genders in Manchester. It’s a resounding call for change, echoing the collective voice of the student body for a safer community. Another vital campaign, ‘The Butterfly Effect Education,’ is driven by the belief that targeted, strategic interventions can initiate a ripple effect capable of radically transforming the student experience at Manchester for the better. The campaign revolves around diverse demands, tailored for different departments, aiming to bring about substantial positive changes.
These campaigns showcase the determination of students to bring about tangible and meaningful changes within the university

Living as a student in Manchester is an experience in itself—the cultural diversity, bustling nightlife, and welcoming community create an incredible environment to grow and learn.

To offer holders: Embrace every opportunity to engage with diverse modules and resources available. Seek guidance from teaching staff; their insights can be invaluable. Manchester offers a dynamic environment to thrive academically and socially. Dive into societies, attend events, and explore the city—it’s a melting pot of experiences waiting to be discovered.

My journey at Manchester has been transformative. The rich curriculum, supportive staff, and vibrant city life have shaped not just my academic acumen but also my holistic growth. The intertwining of law and politics has been an intellectually stimulating journey, and I’m grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained.

As I embark on the final leg of my degree, I’m excited about the endless possibilities ahead, cherishing the enriching journey at the University of Manchester.

By Tessy Idemudia, 3rd Year BA Law with Politics student  



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