Experience of working as a student ambassador at on-campus events 

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Architecture, Planning and Environmental Management, Postgraduate | 0 comments

In September 2023 I joined SEED Department as a postgraduate student. Soon after, in November, I received an email from SEED Ambassador Team recruiting student ambassadors. I didn’t hesitate to send in my CV with the idea that becoming a student ambassador would allow me to practise my English and get to know my new campus faster. Luckily, I was selected! Although I have only been a student ambassador for one semester, I have had many opportunities to practice. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of the SEED Student Ambassador team as well as some of the specific tasks I have been responsible for. 

Firstly, I am involved in the operation of the SEED Department website. the SEED Department website is the gateway and window, and the content within it serves as the main way for others to learn about SEED Department, and is likely to appeal to an increasing number of students and educators. As an ambassador, it is my responsibility to ensure that the content of the website is up-to-date and of high quality. The content mainly includes news updates of the school, important notices, and event schedules. Some of the blogs I am responsible for writing usually revolve around topics such as campus life, learning experiences, personal growth, etc. Since I joined the SEED Student Ambassadors team, I have developed a good habit of keeping a diary, where I would record what I see and hear on campus, and share some interesting stories and feelings. Besides, photography is also my hobby. I like to capture every detail of the campus with my camera, record the beautiful scenery, vibrant classes and unique campus activities. These photos are not only my personal memories, but also a window for me to share my campus life with everyone. Attaching the beautiful pictures I took to the top of the blog will make the article more attractive and infectious. Through my lens, I am able to let everyone experience the wonderful energy of campus life and the beauty of the campus scenery through the pictures, and I am able to spread the charm of the UMass campus. 

I would also like to mention one of my favourite parts of the job, which is being the navigator of the orientation programme. At the beginning of the semester, SEED organises a huge orientation event. I led a campus tour, taking in the sights and sounds of the campus and explaining the history of the school and its facilities. However, the orientation programme is not just a tour of the campus, it also includes a Q&A session. I am not only a navigator, I am also a facilitator, so that the new students can get acquainted with the new environment. I am not only a navigator, but also a friend and supporter. I will answer their questions and share my campus experiences and insights, encouraging them to open up, make friends and get involved in campus activities. 

Becoming a student ambassador for SEED Department is the right choice. I learned a lot of things that I don’t see in the classroom through my tasks and activities, and I feel a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when I finish my work. 

Written by Chen, current MSc Urban Design and International Planning student at The University of Manchester