My experience of working as a student ambassador at on-campus events

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Geography and Global Development, Postgraduate | 0 comments

My feelings as a student ambassador

The experience of being a Student Ambassador has been a deeply fulfilling and satisfying one, especially in terms of providing valuable assistance to others through my involvement with campus activities. In this role, I could answer questions from other students about various aspects of The University of Manchester, covering a wide range of areas such as student services, campus resources, and student financial aid. By answering these questions, I feel that my dedication has been fully realised.

How I became a student ambassador

Initially, I had felt some anxiety about being able to provide the most valuable service to others. As a student ambassador, I needed to actively engage with the participants, answering their questions about The University of Manchester and trying to address their concerns and provide them with the necessary assistance. In doing so, I realised that students from different years and backgrounds have different areas of interest, from those who are concerned about the use of student resources to those who are curious about the history of the university. Therefore, to be able to answer different queries, I delved into the history of The University of Manchester and learnt more about the various student services, clubs, and the diversity of support available to students. This effort has helped me to better answer various questions and given me a deeper understanding of campus resources. For example, I now know exactly where the school provides free microwaves for students to use, what learning resources are available to students, and how to apply for financial aid for students. Whilst these details may seem small, they are aspects that matter to students, and they show that our university cares about its students.

Not only that but in my role as a Student Ambassador at The University of Manchester, I have the honour of working with other student ambassadors and it has been a great experience. We worked very well together to solve problems, share information, and ensure that the answers provided to the students were accurate and detailed. This is also one of the key reasons why I feel so happy to be a Student Ambassador at The University of Manchester.

What my experience as a student ambassador has brought me

My experience as a student ambassador was not only fulfilling for my sense of achievement and the value of service, but it also developed my communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills. I learnt how to initiate connections with strangers and how to build trust and empathy in a short period. This is an invaluable skill for the future career. I believe this skill has enabled me to express myself more confidently and effectively in the future, whether I am communicating with colleagues, clients or superiors.

Overall, working as a student ambassador has given me a deeper understanding of the university’s culture and values. By learning more about the history of the university and the various services it offers, I have gained a clearer understanding of the character and mission of The University of Manchester. During my service to others, I have not only helped my fellow students but also built a solid foundation for my future career while fulfilling myself.

Written by Hongyue, currentĀ MSc Climate Change: Science, Society and Solutions student at The University of Manchester