Exploring the vital aspects for studying at the University: Insights for Future Students

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Hello everyone, my name is Sugat Narwade, and I am from India. Currently, I am studying MSc Urban Regeneration and Development at the School of Environment Education and Development (SEED).

As you get ready to commence your academic career at The University of Manchester you are feeling a whirlwind of nervousness, excitement, and anticipation. You are starting a new chapter in your life, one that will be full of limitless prospects for development, challenges, opportunities, and life-changing events. Amidst the enthusiasm, there are a few things, though, that I wish someone had told me before I arrived to the university. Now, let’s explore the social and practical factors that can influence your time at the University.


It’s crucial to find the ideal place to stay when you are a struggling student. Whether you choose private accommodation or university halls of residence, consider the important factors such as budget, proximity to campus, and availability of amenities. On the one hand, living in university accommodation is an excellent way to fully immerse oneself in university life and make friendships that can last a lifetime. To get the affordable or your preferred options for the university accommodation you should apply for it 3-4 months before your start date. At the University accommodation you’ll have secured and safe environment, reception assistance, access to amenities and social areas, opportunities to connect with foreign students and amazing events conducted by the ResLife teams. On the other hand, private accommodation can be budget friendly compared to University accommodation. However, there also may be less assistance and support in private houses.

University Work

You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have at university. Early on, cultivate good time management techniques and practice essay writing by using referencing in Harvard style as majority of assessment is covered by it. Divide tasks into doable portions, make yourself familiar with the use of online databases and the library, and don’t be afraid to ask professors or other academic support services for assistance. Do attend academic workshops held by the University to enhance your skills of writing essays, dissertation, letters, emails, etc.


Being a student myself, I can understand it is difficult to manage the finances. Financial issues can be troubling, you can stretch your student budget farther with smart planning. Moreover, make a budget plan that details your earnings and expenses, give priority to necessities, explore student discounts on various applications such as UNiDAYS, Student Beans, etc. and part-time work opportunities on campus or off campus. Furthermore, the Students’ Union Job Shop is a good place to look for part-time jobs in Manchester for students. Also, short term emergency loans are provided to students in need by the advice service centre at the Student’s Union.

Social Life

The campus community is a mingling pot of ideas, cultures, and personalities. Step beyond of your comfort zone, embrace diversity, and take advantage of any chance to meet new people. A great way to meet others who share your interests, follow your hobbies, and improve your university experience is to join several societies at the Students’ Union. There is a society for everyone, be it an aspiring artist, entrepreneur, or sports enthusiast. Specifically, for an international student there is the International Student Society which provides students with outstanding opportunities to travel and explore the United Kingdom.

Overcoming Obstacles

University life isn’t always easy, but that’s okay. There will always be difficulties, from academic disappointments to homesickness, but they also present chances for development. Speak with your friends, family, or the university services as part of your support system. For mental health problems, there is mental health support provided by the university at the Students’ Union advice centre. Moreover, Student Support Hub at the SEED support students to resolve daily life issues.

As you prepare to embark on this thrilling new chapter, keep in mind that university is a life-changing experience that entails more than just lectures and textbooks. Above all, have faith in yourself, enjoy the ride, and treasure the memories.

Written by Sugat, current MSc Regeneration and Development student at The University of Manchester