Letterlocking workshop – 14 June – The John Rylands Library – places available

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This is a practical workshop, led by Jana Dambrogio and Daniel Starza Smith that explores the historical practice of letterlocking. They explain:

Letterlocking refers to the technology of folding and securing an epistolary writing substrate to function as its own envelope – a vital communications technology before the invention of the mass-produced envelope in the 19th century.

The study of letterlocking is important for the preservation of documents because it informs conservators about the evidential value of creases, slits, and holes and other manipulations.

For more information about letterlocking, visit the team’s website.

We have a small number of places available at this workshop, which will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis.

Please email livesofletters@gmail.com to request a place, with a short explanation of why the workshop is relevant to your research or professional work (one sentence is fine).

The lunch will be catered vegetarian, with vegan options. If you have other special dietary requirements, please let us know in your email and we will accommodate if possible, although we cannot guarantee provision for special diets at this stage.

NB: given the practical nature of the workshop, capacity is limited, and participants must be available for the full afternoon.


12noon – 1pm: lunch (optional)

1pm – 2pm: lecture and collections encounter

2pm – 4pm: workshop

4pm – 4.15pm: coffee

4.15pm – 5.15pm: discussion


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