Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item Scale BSL (GAD-7 BSL)

The GAD-7 is a screening tool and symptom severity measure for the four most common anxiety disorders (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Phobia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The BSL validated version is endorsed by the originators (Spitzer, Kroenke, Williams and Löwe).



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The academic articles referring to its translation and validation are available here:

  • Rogers, K.D., Young, A., Lovell, K., Campbell, M., Scott, P.R. and Kendal, S. (2013). The British Sign Language Versions of the Patient Health Questionnaire, the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-Item Scale, and the Work and Social Adjustment Scale. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 18(1), 110-122. doi:10.1093/deafed/ens040

A guide on how to use and score the PHQ-9 BSL and the GAD-7 BSL is available here.

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