Deaf people with Dementia: next steps

‘Deaf with Dementia Project’ was a 3-year research project funded by Alzheimer’s Society. After its conclusion, the research team asked for some additional funding for dissemination and we developed resources for different purposes.

Firstly, we develop informative videos in BSL about dementia, supporting professionals in understanding what Deaf BSL users need. In addition, 2 Deaf actors -a man and a woman- acted out stories from our research participants experiences to show what it is like to live with dementia, showing their different stories about being Deaf and living with dementia through their experiences.

Secondly, we developed a leaflet with Pennine Care NHS Trust for medical and mental health professionals. The purpose of the leaflet was  to understand Deaf people and the difference between those with hearing loss and Deaf BSL users, considering their different communication and support requirements with potential solutions.

Thirdly, we provided a training day with NHS staff in Greater Manchester to provide information about dementia and how this may impact a Deaf BSL user and how to support someone if they were to be admitted to a hospital unit. The training was delivered with a researcher, a Deaf carer and a Deaf social worker with experience of supporting Deaf people with dementia following a holistic approach.


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