Food Knowledges in the Early Modern World

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Dr Rachel Winchcombe, Lecturer in Early Modern History at The University of Manchester and member of The Bodies, Emotions and Material Culture Collective, is organising the fascinating one-day symposium

Food Knowledges in the Early Modern World
Tuesday 6 June, 9.30am–4pm

The symposium will explore the vibrancy of early modern Indigenous and non-European epistemologies of food and their deep historical impact.

Places are free but limited, so please register at:

The event is generously funded by the SALC Research Development and Support Fund.


Food Knowledges in the Early Modern World
Tuesday 6th June, University of Manchester
Ellen Wilkinson Building, room B2.4

9.30-10am: Welcome and Coffee

10-10.30am: Introduction

Introducing Food Knowledges in the Early Modern World (Rachel Winchcombe, University of Manchester)


10.30-12pm: Panel One: Food Knowledges in Conflict

The Colonial Agriculture Wars: The Historic Indigenous Struggles for Agro-ecology in Central America and the Future of the Planet (Julia McClure, University of Glasgow)

Food Knowledge in First-Hand Accounts of the Arauco War (Mary Newman, University of Oxford)

Foodscapes, Breads, Drinks and Bodies in the Colonisation of Mesoamerica (Ricardo Aguilar-González, University of Warwick)

‘They Being our First Instructers for the Planting of their Indian Corne’: Food Knowledges in Colonial America (Rachel Winchcombe, University of Manchester).


12-1pm: Lunch


1-2pm: Panel Two: Entangled Ecologies

‘Los Cueros de Buey’: Rivers and Cattle in Eighteenth-century Creek Country (Rachel B. Herrmann, Cardiff University)

Early Modern Foodways and Production in Iceland (George Hambrecht, University of Maryland) 


2-3.30pm: Panel Three: Food and Identity

‘It has always been the custom here’: Pulque, Tradition and Indigeneity in Colonial Mexico (Natasha Bailey, University of Oxford)

Bread in Time of Crisis: Ceremony and Material Culture in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (Isin Taylan, Yale University)

Mapping Achiote: A Colonial Fruit Exchange System (Guillermo Pupo Pernet, University of Arkansas)

How Do I Know I am Drunk in Early Modern Japan? (Eric C. Rath, University of Kansas)


3.30-3.45pm: Final Thoughts