Theme 3: Sector-specific studies

When it comes to controlling workplace transmission of the COVID-19 virus, different industrial sectors face different challenges, both in terms of likely transmission routes and which control measures can be practically and effectively implemented.

Theme 3 of PROTECT is therefore conducting targeted studies to improve understanding of specific risks and support these sectors to return to more normal operation. The sectors being studied include transport, food manufacturing, retail and hospitality.

Qualitative surveys and interviews will be conducted with people working in these sectors, alongside analysis of quantitative datasets such as those on occupation and COVID-19 mortality held by the Office for National Statistics. Theme 3 researchers will also work closely with Theme 1 to take advantage of data generated by workplace outbreak investigations, as well as with the National Core Study on Data and Connectivity to improve data collection.

Theme 3 projects

Find out more about individual research projects taking place within the Sector-specific studies theme.

Theme Researchers

Health and Safety Executive

  • Yiqun Chen
  • David Fishwick
  • JP Gorce
  • Nick Warren

Institute of Occupational Medicine

Liverpool Hope University

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


  • Vahe Nafilyan

University College London

University of Lancaster

University of Leeds

University of Manchester


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