Kit discusses his career since completing his MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

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Kit now works as a Trainee Reporter for Stoke-on-Trent Live and as a Freelance Shift Reporter for The Daily Star and The Daily Mirror.

Why did you originally choose to study your course at Manchester? 

“I wanted to explore more about Medieval literature and this course offered a more in-depth look at that. I was also very interested in exploring the Collections at the John Rylands Library, which this course was perfect for.”

How did your course set you up for your career path?

“In two ways. The first was honing my research skills. This is an important part of my job, as I’ll often be required to understand a complicated topic quickly. The second is learning discipline in writing. News reporting and features are very different forms of writing from academic essays, but my MA certainly gave me the discipline in my writing which still helps me now.”

What was the most surprising takeaway from your course that’s helped you in later life? 

“The most surprising could be how a knowledge of Middle English gave me a story once about a dialect! There’s also Latin! Even though I was terrible at Latin, it did teach me grammar, which has since helped me a lot with studying modern languages.

A surprising takeaway has been how an understanding of early print has informed the way I think about the new changing media landscape we are currently experiencing.”

What advice would you give to a student looking to start your course and/or join the University?

“Pick something you love or find interesting and pursue it. Unless you pursue an academic career, it’s unlikely that the specific topics will come up very often. It’s the research skills and discipline that are important. So, learn about something you love while you have the opportunity. Not everything you do has to be only with a career goal in mind, and you may find yourself a broader and more rounded person for it.”