Studying Environmental Management as an International Student

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Architecture, Planning and Environmental Management, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Zsófi, a BSc Environmental Management student from Hungary, shares with us why she chose to study at Manchester and what her student experience is like so far.

On why I chose to study my course at Manchester

I have a strong interest towards environmental issues so I wanted to make a difference and drive attention to this area and when I read the course outline I knew with this I can have a real impact. The fact that all my lecturers are so passionate about what they are teaching has been one of my course highlights so far.Female doing gardening

On my fieldwork experience

I had and will undertake a couple of fieldwork later in my course. So far I went to Marsden Moor to understand the distribution of the existing vegetation there. It was memorable to see these beautiful landscapes in person.

On my student experience

The best thing living and studying here is the fact that there are endless possibilities and activities to get involved in, there is always something going on here. I live in a private accommodation. I prefer living in this type of accommodation because I can choose my flatmates, the facilities are more equipped and it makes me more comfortable to live with a few, familiar people.
I am part of the Hungarian society and goes to Volleyball training every now and then. I am also volunteering at Want Not Waste which has a great community of like-minded people. I recommend students to join volunteering projects because it can provide many useful skills and great experiences, as well as you can meet many new people.

On being an international student in Manchester

As a Hungarian person I experienced many new things after coming to the UK, including cultural shocks, especially in terms of the language. However, it was great to take part in various events the University or other societies hosted, for example Halloween which is not really celebrated in my home country.Male and female having conversation in front of world map

At first was really exciting and scary to start university in a foreign country, but as time goes you get used to everything and develop your own daily routine and you also start to get to know your course mates and the city overall. The University, the library and the Student’s Union provide numerous resources to support you before and after coming here. It is really a personal thing how you make most of yours student life, but outside of your course I really recommend to try out many different activities to get involved in because there is certainly something that you will like.

On my future

I am planning to start a career in the environment sector after graduation. I think my time studying here at Manchester gave me numerous beneficial and useful skills which will help me in the future and I believe it will provide help, for instance with its career service, to secure myself a great career path.