A week in the life of a final-year BSc Educational Psychology student

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Reihnaneh, a final-year BSc Educational Psychology student at The University of Manchester, shares with us her typical week in the life.


My Mondays are quite busy this semester. I start the week with a lecture on “Current Issues in Special Educational Needs”, which makes me reflect on how we can make our society more inclusive. Immediately after the lecture, it’s volunteering time. Me and my friend are co-leading a project called “Reading Mentors”. We meet other volunteers outside the SU and walk together to a local primary school. Every Monday, we read books with students who don’t read books with adults regularly. Actually, it kind of keeps me going for the rest of the week!Young teacher and primary school child working on task together


This is my last semester at the university and it is the busiest time of the year for me. I don’t have any lectures or commitments on Tuesdays, which gives me time to focus on my major project. It is really exciting and at the same time challenging to carry out your own research step by step. Sometimes, I just work from home, and sometimes I go to the main library to be more focused and do some work there. I really like that place. It is perfect for studying. In the afternoons I have enough time to do some exercises or go for a walk in the city.


This semester as part of one of my units, I conduct a school placement. As a group, we have designed an intervention that aims to develop the mathematical vocabulary of year one students. For preparation, we have meetings on Wednesdays. My group members and I book a group study space in advance and work together. Sometimes we go and get a bubble tea when we are done and chat about how good it is to be back on campus!


I start the day with another lecture which is about “Teaching and Learning of Math”. It is really interesting as we discuss the ways in which math can be made more fun! In the evenings, I try to watch some of the recorded seminars of career services to plan for my future and think about what are my next steps. Also, sometimes I have meetings with my supervisor to chat about how my major project is progressing.Professor giving lecture in seminar room


Before heading off to school, I have some time to work on my assignments. I have to start early to have enough independent readings to be able to perform better in my assignments. At noon, me and my friends go to school and deliver our intervention. Just like Mondays, kids make my day and give a great finish to my week. We get back around 3 pm, and it gives me enough time to go shopping!