Srijan’s internship experience

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Written by Srijan Vasireddy, a 3rd year BAEcon Economics and Politics student
Hi, everyone! My name is Srijan Vasireddy. I am a final-year student of Economics and Politics. I had the pleasure of securing an internship at Santander Corporate and Investment Bank in their global transaction banking division last summer. In this blog, I will be elaborating more on the entire internship process from start to finish and conclude with my takeaways. 
The Internship Experience
I stumbled upon the internship opening while browsing Santander’s careers website and decided to apply. After clearing the assessment and interview process, I was thrilled to learn that I had been selected for the role. My internship began in the first week of July and ran until the final week of August, with two rotations in different teams.
In my first rotation, I worked with the transaction banking department. I assisted the team by developing a new portal framework proposal that helped integrate solutions to increase internal cross-team communication on their client onboarding processes. Through this project, I developed my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills by assessing the current communication channels and proposing a more effective solution. I also learned about the bank’s products and services and gained a better understanding of the industry’s competitive landscape.
In my second rotation, I worked with a specialized sub-team that focused on trade and working capital solutions. This team offers industry-leading solutions to clients to finance their international trade transactions, including the payment for goods and services and the financing of the production and delivery of goods. As part of this team, I researched material to pitch several clients about potential working capital solutions like Guarantees and Supply Chain Finance in the Industrials and Infrastructure division. This project allowed me to develop my communication skills by pitching ideas to clients and refine my teamwork skills by collaborating with my colleagues.
Key Takeaways
My internship at Santander allowed me to gain hands-on experience, learn about the industry, develop skills, network with professionals, and demonstrate my potential to my seniors. As an intern, I was expected to take on challenging projects and tasks that allowed me to practice and refine important skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. Through exposure to different business areas, I gained a better understanding of the world of investment banking. 
Networking with colleagues and mentors was another key element of my internship process, and these connections proved valuable even after my internship. Additionally, this experience has given me a deeper understanding of my career aspirations, and I am more committed than ever to pursuing a career in the banking industry.
Overall, this internship has been a valuable experience that has helped me develop skills and gain exposure to the industry. It has also given me the confidence and direction I need to pursue a career in banking. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to applying the skills I’ve learned in my future endeavours.