Building professional portfolio and exploring educational research through MA DTCE

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Education, Postgraduate | 0 comments

Rachel Mann, an experienced teacher since 2008 and currently a part-time student on MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education, shares her experience of studying on the course. 

On choosing the course

I wanted to be able to engage with research in education, in a field that I was interested in and is growing quickly. I found a few degrees I was interested in and I wrote a personal evaluation of each course. The DTCE course at UoM appealed to me because I found the degree very practical, with assignments that would help me build a professional portfolio, that gave me a breadth of academic coverage in a range of related areas, significant choice over the modules I did and did not choose to study and finally the flexibility to engage at my own pace as a part time student.

On my study experience

I have enjoyed being able to learn about totally new perspectives on education, such as theories such as communities of practice and constructionism and able to explore these theories through projects that related to my own interests and work. For example, I was able to explore procedural thinking and constructionism and the metacognitive gains this leads to through a practical AI related project. I have really been stretched by some of the theories we have learnt and this has been engaging and exciting. 

I have really enjoyed working with a dedicated team of approachable and caring academics. We have an active and supportive community of distance learner students from a wide range of backgrounds and I enjoy learning from my peers. I have found the university team break down learning in to logical chunks, provide excellent feedback and diverse resources that keep me engaged.

On my top tips for part-time learners

Organise your resources well, for example I catalogue all resources on notability, with files for each unit and each week. Connect early with the assignments and when you feel the workload growing at points you can use this focus to help streamline your priorities. Engage with the academics, they are very kind and helpful people who are rooting for your success.

On my plans for the future

I plan to go into academic research and hopefully teacher education, I really am happiest when writing essays and researching/ reading papers. The sense of fulfilment that comes with developing and crafting an academic essay is, for me, unparalleled by any other work experience I have had. If I can combine this with my love for education and teaching, I would be delighted.