Opening the door for a career in e-learning

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Education, Postgraduate | 0 comments

Sarah Mannix, a MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education alumna, shares her experience of working in Higher Education while studying her master’s degree, and how DTCE helped her get into e-learning as career path. 

On why I chose to study DTCE

I was a full-time member of staff when I decided to take my course. I had completed a PG Cert in Higher Education through the University and wanted to continue my interest in education and technologies.

I had been considering the DTCE MA for a long time and after attending a postgraduate talk, I decided I could work and do the MA part time as a distance learning student. I knew being staff and pursing my degree at Manchester would be ideal for me.

Before I began my MA I knew I wanted to move into e-learning and explore the ways education and digital technologies were changing, however I needed to broaden my knowledge and skills to move in the direction.

On my current role

While studying for my MA I moved into my current post as a eLearning Support Assistant in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Heath at UOM. My role is to support my Learning Technologist colleagues with the creation and delivery of resources and activities for teaching, learning and assessment in FBMH. This involves assisting with the creation and supporting of exams, supporting the medical degree programme course, assisting in the creating of digital learning resources and training.

Responsibilities in my current role include the building of exam papers and supporting on campus exams. My MA allowed me to develop excellent skills in attention to detail. I also use my in-depth pedagogical knowledge when taking on learning design documentation.

On working in the e-learning field

Studying for my MA has opened a career path for me in elearning. I got my current role after my first year and was able to combine my academic knowledge with more technical skills I am learning in my current role. I can see a path progression as I learn more about the different aspects of elearning in universities

On my highlights of studying DTCE

Taking my MA really changed my life in ways I didn’t expect. I found my passion for education and a confidence in my own abilities I didn’t have before. Even as a distance learning student I felt a sense of belonging and a love of research that could be applied in the real world.

My advice would be to follow your interests and passions, talk to other students and staff and know that the journey is the reward.