Exploring Beyond Manchester: A Picnic Adventure in Greenfield

by | May 15, 2023 | AMBS, Undergraduate | 0 comments

As an undergraduate student at The University of Manchester, I have had the opportunity to explore the city and its surroundings. One of my recent adventures was a trip to Greenfield, a picturesque village in the Pennines’ foothills, just a short train ride away from Manchester city centre.



I decided to go on this trip with a group of friends from the university who were studying different majors, such as Chemistry and Philosophy. We all shared a passion for exploring new places and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy a picnic in the countryside. We posted on online forums and social media groups to organise our trip, asking if anyone was interested in joining us. Within a few hours, we had a group of like-minded individuals who were excited to embark on this adventure.

On the day of the trip, we met at Manchester Piccadilly Station and took a train to Greenfield. The journey took approximately 30 minutes and offered stunning views of the countryside, which was a refreshing change from the urban environment of Manchester. As soon as we arrived in Greenfield, we were struck by the beauty of the village. Surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, it was the perfect setting for a relaxing day out with friends. We found a peaceful spot to set up our picnic and spent the afternoon enjoying good food, conversation and company. As the day drew to a close, we packed up our picnic and took a leisurely walk through the village. We stopped at a local coffee to enjoy a warming hot chocolate before taking the train back to Manchester. It was a perfect end to a perfect day, and I felt grateful for the opportunity to have explored a new place and make new friends.



What struck me the most during this trip was how my social skills developed while living in Manchester. As an international student, I initially found making friends and connecting with people from different backgrounds challenging. However, over time, I learned to be more open and outgoing, and this trip was a testament to that. I was able to connect with people who I had never met before and build meaningful relationships through shared experiences. It was a reminder of how enriching it can be to step out of our comfort zones and connect with people from different walks of life.

This trip to Greenfield was a memorable experience that allowed me to appreciate the beauty of the Manchester countryside and connect with people from different backgrounds. As an undergraduate student at The University of Manchester, I have enjoyed my time living in the city. This trip was a reminder of how much there is to explore and discover beyond the city limits.

Written by Lanxin, current undergraduate student at AMBS.