A look back – final year student celebrates his journey

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Hi! I’m Tim Mickleburgh. I’m from Greater Manchester, England. I’m a final year BSc Accounting student at The University of Manchester.

Growing up as a young carer and being the first person in my family to go to university, I doubted whether I could succeed at The University of Manchester. So I’m extremely proud of how I’ve excelled on the BSc Accounting programme and it’s a dream come true to be graduating with a first-class degree. Although I’m looking forward to joining the Co-operative Bank as a Finance Graduate from September, I’m really going to miss being at The University of Manchester.

I’ve studied a range of courses on the three-year BSc Accounting programme from financial reporting to management accounting. I was really proud to be awarded the Professor Timothy O’Leary Prize for being the highest performing student in the Intermediate Management Accounting course during my second year. I’ve even had the opportunity to learn Spanish in an optional language course during my second year which was fun.

The BSc Accounting programme’s most prominent course is the 40-credit Corporate Financial Communication and Valuation course which is completed during final year and comprises three assessments. The first assessment was a group project for which we produced a 30-page financial statement analysis report on a FTSE 100 company and delivered weekly presentations about our findings to our lecturer leading up to submission. The second assessment was a 3000-word essay about the reasons why retail investors tend to lose out on their investments in the stock market. The third assessment was a 30-page report to determine the usefulness of the annual report and reporting practices of a FTSE 100 company to their stakeholders, with the opportunity to receive written feedback from our lecturer on a draft version of my report three weeks before submission.

I’ve loved being situated on the university campus. I’ve had fun attending lectures and seminars with my course mates in different buildings all around the campus. I’ve really enjoyed studying with my course mate Dom in the study spaces in Alliance Manchester Business School and the Main Library. Me and my girlfriend Sunny, who is also on the BSc Accounting programme, have loved going for walks around the campus and sitting outside in the green spaces.

After finishing my second year, I was fortunate to be able to complete a four-week summer internship at Co-op’s headquarters which was available exclusively to The University of Manchester’s BSc Accounting students thanks to the university’s partnership with Co-op. I was encouraged to apply for the internship by my academic advisor Jenni Rose who was also our programme director at the time. My course mate Mikhail also completed the internship alongside me. During the internship, we worked alongside colleagues at various organisational levels including some of Co-op’s most senior leaders. We also presented in front of the 60-person team at the end of the internship. I really enjoyed working at Co-op’s headquarters and I found the internship to be extremely valuable. The internship helped me in deciding what I wanted to do after I graduate, and it improved my employability given that I attained no prior work experience. I believe that the internship was pivotal in helping me to secure my graduate role at the Co-operative Bank.

I’ve really enjoyed representing the university as a Student Ambassador throughout my final year. It’s been fun to assist at open days for prospective students and take them on tours around the campus. I’ve also answered prospective students’ questions via the Unibuddy web chat on the university’s website and I’ve liked writing blogs such as the one that you’re reading now.



As a BSc Accounting Coach, I’ve shared my advice with the BSc Accounting programme’s second year students throughout my final year. It was great to be awarded the BSc Accounting Community Award by our programme director Reimi Sivalingam for my efforts to support my peers on the programme. I’ve also enjoyed participating in UoM Sport’s running events and I’ve had fun attending trips to trampoline parks, escape rooms, and restaurants with my course mates as part of the accounting society.

My three years at The University of Manchester have been the best years of my life and I would highly recommend studying here. My advice to prospective students would be to embrace the opportunities that come with being a member of such a prestigious university. Make sure you study hard, use the facilities, get involved in extracurricular activities, and build relationships with your course mates and lecturers which will last a lifetime. And remember to take lots of photos!

Written by Tim, current BSc Accounting student at AMBS