My first semester in Manchester

by | Nov 28, 2023 | AMBS, Postgraduate | 0 comments

Picture this: for the very first time, I had packed my bags and boarded a plane to a faraway land, travelling from the vibrant streets of Thailand to the enchanting charm of Manchester, this marks a pivotal chapter in my life. As an international student, the anticipation and excitement was mixed with a small amount of nervousness. This journey represented not only my first time residing in a foreign country but also my first experience of the continent of Europe.

To add a twist to the tale, my return to academia after almost five years was both exhilarating and daunting. Having completed my undergraduate degree back in 2018, I found myself facing the challenge of relearning how to study, focus, and actively engage in a learning environment, it was like learning to ride a bike all over again. Yet, the first semester at Alliance Manchester Business School posed challenges that extended far beyond the academic world. Adjusting to the new environment, battling the unpredictable Manchester weather (forcing me to redefine my definition of ‘layering’) as well as forming new friendships, and adapting to living alone were hurdles that tested my resilience.

Amidst these challenges, studying at Alliance Manchester Business School made the journey all the more exciting. Imagine a classroom where there are lively discussions from diverse perspectives colliding and ideas blossom. The privilege of being taught by some of the best professors in the field became an opportunity for the path of knowledge. The seminar classes felt like brainstorming sessions, where dialogue flowed seamlessly, and group projects, encouraged collaborative thinking, which broadened my horizons, and nurtured my analytical skills.

As an international student in the heart of Manchester, I stumbled upon some fantastic secrets to make the journey not just manageable, but incredibly fun. For instance, I find comfort in knowing that everyone is facing a similar challenge and that we can openly share our thoughts and feelings, recognizing that we are all in the same boat helped me foster a sense of unity with my peers. Moreover, I wholeheartedly recommend joining student societies, cultural clubs academic circles, and more, this is like a secret passage into the heart of Manchester’s diverse community.

The city itself offered solace in its vibrant neighbourhoods, allowing me to explore, savour, and connect with its unique charm. One of the gems I discovered was the John Rylands Library, the moment you enter it feels like stepping into a Harry Potter set; it is around a 30-minute walk from Alliance Manchester Business School. This magnificent library captured my heart with its ancient aura and medieval charm, as though it were a real-life version of Hogwarts.

Reflecting on my first semester in Manchester, I realize that this experience is not just about academics; it’s a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Although there may be roadblocks and challenges, Alliance Manchester Business School has taught me how to navigate and embrace unexpected twists and turns. And I am confident that, just as I have learned and grown, everyone can embark on a similar journey.


Written by Jasmine, a current MSc Marketing student – AMBS