Why Study in Manchester?

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Choosing a university can be very challenging. Every institution has something unique to offer prospective students, such as a wide range of undergraduate courses or a vibrant student union with countless societies and an active community. This is also the case for the one-of-a-kind living experience a town or city can provide its students with, including its ambience, culture, and local entertainment and activities. Because I understand how challenging making this choice can be, I will tell you why you should choose The University of Manchester!

The City

Before getting into the juicy details about life as a University of Manchester student, let’s first acknowledge how interesting and lively the city is! Manchester is home to the first free library in the UK. It is also where the atom was first split, where the Industrial Revolution started, home to the busiest bus route in Europe, and the location where famous TV series such as The Crown and Peaky Blinders have been filmed. Fun facts about the city are infinite!

The best part about Manchester is that because of all these curiosities, there are always lots of interesting places to visit and activities to entertain yourself with. These go from attending concerts to visiting museums, art galleries, historical pubs and libraries, and sports stadiums such as the Old Trafford and the Etihad if you consider yourself a sports lover. After all, with these many options to explore the city, you can always keep busy and embark on new adventures across Manchester!

The University

Besides being ranked 32nd by QS World University Rankings 2024 and 8th in the UK by Times Higher Education 2024, there is an endless list of reasons why The University of Manchester is a great place to pursue your degree. If you choose to study one of over 250 undergraduate courses, you will be paired with an Academic Advisor who will accompany you through the length of your degree, as well as be contacted by a Peer Mentoring scheme that will support you during Year 1. These are just a few ways in which the university tries to ensure you make a soft landing into your university experience!

In addition to wanting to make you feel supported upon your arrival, the university wants to ensure that you also feel the same way once you are in your Final Year and searching for employment. This is why the Careers Service assists The University of Manchester graduates with their job searches up to two years after their graduation. Also due to their outstanding support, the university was ranked among the highest in the world for graduate employability rates in 2022 and is the most targeted by UK top graduate employers as of 2023.

The Beginning of a Journey!

Even though the Careers Service is a great resource to use once the employment search begins during Final Year, undergraduate programs at The University of Manchester are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the opportunities students are offered to continue their academic careers. The university gives its 1st class graduates tuition deductions to pursue postgraduate studies in some of its faculties, as well as a Fast Track application to postgraduate degrees for students with high 2nd class predicted marks. This is all so that you can easily stick around once you realise how amazing it is to be a member of The University of Manchester community!

Written by Arianna, current BSc Education student at The University of Manchester