A year in Manchester: Plans as a MSc Global Development Student

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Geography and Global Development, Postgraduate | 0 comments

Studying in Manchester is my dream come true. Pursuing a master’s in Global Development, Environment, Climate Change and Development at The University of Manchester in one of the United Kingdom’s largest cities, Manchester, defines my academic journey ahead full of expectations. I chose Manchester because it is home to an internationally recognized African cities’ research consortium whose objective is to identify challenges of urbanisation in Africa and help find solutions through investment attraction. This will offer me an opportunity to join a vibrant research community, including a public lecture series which brings world experts and leading development thinkers to discuss contemporary issues in development. I will gain skills, insights, and ideas to become a policymaker who will help tackle pressing sustainability challenges like climate change.

With so much interest and development, Manchester city has a strong cultural presence bound with its long-standing history dating back from the Industrial Revolution which saw Britain become the hub of the manufacturing industry centuries ago. This makes me more interested in what the city offers in terms of tourism Art, Fashion, History, Design, Music, Sport and Theatre; all staples of Manchester’s cultural life are incomparable. Visiting the town centre and seeing live public music performances by singers and professional dancers opened a package of confidence in the abundance of such displays in the months ahead of my stay in Manchester.

My master’s course has an international field trip in March to Rwanda in Africa. A trip like this will broaden my academic and professional pursuits This will offer me an excellent opportunity for research, networking, and personal skills and help develop a sustainable solution to tackle climate change in my country and globally. Therefore, upon completion, the course above will accord me an opportunity to help build sustainable and effective climate change adaptation strategies not only for my country, Zambia, but also for the African continent and world at large with the hope of improving the well-being of all while embodying values of environmental protection and climate justice.

I believe that networking is beneficial, and it has made me what I am today. With a multi-cultural endowment in Manchester, I plan to attend various networking conferences and workshops in the UK and leverage the wider academic network by engaging researchers the world over to share knowledge on environmental protection. Using the school of Environment, Education and Development, I will participate in volunteering projects such as tree planting so using my and other students’ expertise, we can help achieve the university goal of quality higher education provision through research and teaching.

A year ahead in Manchester will help me grow in personal development, academic, cultural and social exploration. I believe a holistic exposure to both academic and culturally rich communities like Manchester will give me a platform to improve my leadership skills and abilities, with the hope of it propelling me to national and international positions upon completion of my studies in climate change.

Written by Nchimunya, current MSc Global Development, Environment and Climate Change student at The University of Manchester